Monday, December 30, 2013

Regimental Fire and Fury

Had a great game of Regimental. Fire and Fury yesterday. Cameron Farrow brought over his brand new Union soldiers to battle against my Confedarate army. We played the battle of Little Round Top a scenario based upon that presented in the main RFF rulebook.

We played 6 turns each and whilst I as the Rebels had captured some of the ground required by the scenario Union re-inforcements arrived and would have made my gains very tenuous. We called the game a draw due to time limits and to be truthfull the damned heat in my garage which was in the late 30s. 






Overview of the table at the start of the battle. 




Cams heavy casualty marker which did come into use.

Great game and do love how the game system plays. Mark Piper and I are in the process of doing the AWI in 40mm using the variant of these rules

Thursday, December 19, 2013

FOW Normandy 20mm

Had another great 20mm WWII FOW game with Mark Piper last Thursday. British armour and infantry had to push through a small dug in German force. I ( Germans) had 4 platoons on the tanker with 5 others off board ready to come on from the third turn. I rolled badly of course and only got 2 platoons of tanks on the sixth turn. Mark advanced and captured the objectives by the start of turn 6 gaining victory for the Brits.

Table before the game


British forces waiting to be deployed

German forces but only 6 out of 9 platoons were used due to bad rolls


Game pictures. I hate those Churchill Crocodiles


German infantry burned by the Churchill Crocodiles, not sure I agree with the FOW one shot flamethrower rule.


Mark's Shermans race for the objectives ignoring the surrounding German forces and winning the game. We played the German turn and saw two tank platoons come on and wipe out the last British armour near the objectives. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Arnhem Bridge in 20mm

Had a fantastic FOW 20mm game last night with Mark Piper on his great Arnhem table. I must admit that the whole 'Bridge too Far' campaign has always been a WWII favourite but apart from a 28mm skirmish game I had never played a large battle set around the famous bridge. Mark has had an interest in the battle for even longer than I had and decided to bite the bullet and purchased the excellent MDF bridge in the photos from here

The terrain, figures and vehicles are all from Mark's excellent collection apart from a couple of factory  buildings which were painted by Brian Buskell. I played the Germans and managed to push through under the bridge but infantry casualties were too high and when my Panzer platoon broke the Germans had reached their high tide and we conceded that it was a bloody tie. Mark had lost 4 platoons out of 10 and I had lost 3 out of 7 with 2 platoons breaking in the last turn (11). Great game and one I had been looking at playing for a very long time. Mark said that we will play other games from the campaign and I am eager to do so. 

After the game I finally folded and decided that I am going to order a half bridge to use on my Dust Warfare tables. Enjoy the photos.








Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Western European buildings

Not much to post really as I have been busy playing other non historical games. I have a large FOW  20mm Arhnem Bridge game Thursday at Mark's place which looks like a lot of fun. Mark has made good inroads on his 20mm Egyptian force for 1967 whilst my Israelis are nearly ready to hit the table. 


                                                             Work in progress Israelis

I finished these Miniature Building Authority ruins the other day and am very happy with the way they ended up. I based them on MDF, added resin walls, lots of rubble and flock of course. I posted these pictures on my Dust Warfare blog as well so I apologise if you have seen them already.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Regimental Fire and Fury

Had another great RFF game against Cameron Farrow Saturday. I did manage to roll so many 10s on my D10s that I was actually becoming sorry for Cam who was doing the opposite and rolling ones.