Sunday, October 09, 2016

Arab Israeli Wars 1967: Fate of Nations/Team Yankee

Played a fantastic Arab Israeli game Thursday with Mark Piper using the BF Fate of Nations lists but with the Team Yankee rules. Mark had created some fantastic TY style cards for the game and they made playing so much easier. Mark and I play WWII and TY using our 20mm-1/72 collection as we are old school and had the stuff plus I like the look of 20mm. Firing and movement ranges have not been changed however to allow the larger vehicles room to move we usually play on a larger table. We had started collecting the forces when the rules came out a few years ago but we both got sidetracked on other projects and I only started on these a couple of weeks ago. The Israeli vehicles need decals and more weathering and the stowage needs to be finished but they are getting there and a Mechanised platoon is on the painting table but I have finished the 5 M3 halftracks.

 I was planning to put up some photos and a basic game report but Mark did an excellent Bat Rep for the club FB page and he was nice enough to put it up here. Enjoy

Arab Israeli in 20mm Team Yankee style

Played at my place tonight with Scott Robertson.  Over the last 2 weeks I have Team Yankee'fied stats from "Fate of a Nation" and produced some fan based cards to match.

The mission we played was based "At the Forward Edge of the Battle" from the Leopard book.  Scott's Israeli 82 pt Israeli force were the attackers and my 64 pt Egyptian force the defenders.

Israelis (82 pts)

HQ  1 x Magarch 2
2 x platoons - each 3 x Magarch 2
1 platoon of 3 Magarch 3

Egyptians (64 pts)
HQ 1 x T-55
2 x companies (each 6 x T-55)
1 x company (5 x IS3)
1 x Scout company ( 4 x BTR50 + 3 x PT76)

Turn 1 Israelis held back Magarch 3s while HQ and 2 platoons moved.  Egyptian firing casued minimal casualties.

Turn 2 Israelis moved forward engaging dug in T55.  Egyptians caused some casualties.  PT76s started moving into the centre as a local counter-attack.  IS3 in ambush behind line of hills.

Turn 3 Israelis moved up to the line of hills.  Close fire ripping apart one T55 tank company.  

Turn 4 Israelis now engaging IS3s.  Egyptians attempted a counter attack with company T55 with some effect.

Turn 5 & 6 Israelis break through Egyptian defences and head for the depth objectives.  Egyptians forced to take a formation test but with the battalion commander killed automatically breaks.  Result Israeli victory (5 /2) - lost one unit.

Great game.  Scott's Israeli tanks looked the business and I was happy with the washing and weathering on the Egyptian armour.

Next game will be based on the "Delaying Attack" mission from the Leopard book with 100 pts each (Egyptians as the attackers).

Really happy using Team Yankee as the engine for AIW.

           My Israeli Tank Company: 7 Magarch 2s with 90mm gun and 3 Magarch 3s with 105mm gun


   Most of the Company provides long range firing to cover the advance of the 1st platoon. Stationary     ROF for the Israeli tanks was 2 which meant lots of fire to knock out those Egyptian tanks. I simply leapfrogged platoons up the table with stationary platoons to cover their advance. 

               1st turn longrange fire knocks out 2 T54 and bails 2.


                  View towards the Egyptian lines, lots of tanks.

     Egyptian right flank which I ignored. Eventually Mark tried to use this flank to stop my advance but was destroyed even though it took down a Magarch 2 platoon.

            Egyptian right flank advancing to try and take the Israelis in the flank

                Some Egyptian T 54s make it across the railway line.



       Israeli tank platoon needs support to stop the Egyptian advance


   Israeli Magarch 3s break through the Egyptian 2nd line of JSIII Stalins and head towards their goal.



         End of the battle with the Israeli tanks on the objective and all but one Egyptian platoon destroyed and with no Battalion commander alive the recon platoon in the village retreat to fight another day.