Monday, February 02, 2009

January painting total

Not much to report really except for my monthly painting total. I painted the following 28mm figures in January:

16 Swedish cavalry for the Deluge (about 100 to go).
60 Indian figures for the Indian Mutiny (40 Sepoys and 20 civilians, lots to go).
5 Swiss for my Italian Wars project.

Not bad but I aim to do 10-15 Indian Mutiny figures every 2 days for the next 3 months to get the project finished (our first baby arrives in 5 weeks which will upset the painting schedule somewhat I feel).

The Italian Wars figures look very effective with the Army Painter, I have undercoated them white, painted the base colours and then hit them with Strong tone, when dry Matt spray them and then highlight the uniform colours. The plastic GW figures look the part and I am not that picky about very little details. I look forward to getting a French army finished to use against Kevin's Imperialist force (I have around 200 foot, 28 cavalry, 2 guns and hopefully another 150 foot on their way by the end of this week). I will post photos of the finished figures this week as well as pictures of my first large Sudan game using the virgin collection, we will be using Command Piquet which I really like. Cheers Scott