Sunday, August 31, 2008

Murphy's law

I haven't posted for ages so when I finally decided to pull my finger out and get some photos up on the Blog the damn computer crashes. It has taken me a week to get it sorted so I hope everything goes well (so Steve if you are reading this I am very interested in Gilder's rules, email me at Here are some photos of the Sudan figures I am busy basing for our first game in 3 weeks. I have taken over the dining room table this last week but the missus has given them their marching orders before they have all been finished. Enjoy

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Very naughty boy

Hi guys I have realised that I have been neglecting the Blog lately, it has been over 2 months since I last updated it. The main reason being I haven't painted or gamed much in the way of the Deluge period in this time. I am still trying to find a ruleset that can handle big games, is fun, quick and provides a semblance of reality (whatever that may be). I have been tweaking (only slightly) the free ruleset for the ECW done by Quidia Studios (Victory without Quarter). These rules are fun and certainly give one a good game without being bogged down. They are a card driven system, the additions I have made are a Brigade card which will really help them flow, rules for bows, lances to help represent the Tartar, Polish, Muscovite, Turkish and other armies of the period. I will play a game soon and post the results and some pictures.

Painting for the Deluge period has fallen off seriously as I have been painting lots of figures for the early Sudan which I hope to play for the first time in 5 weeks over the school holidays. This has been a long term dream of mine, inspired by Peter Gilder in the old wargaming magazines of the 80's and 90's and more recently by Alt Fritz using Peter Gilder's still superb collection. I have also finished loads of desert terrain and heavily adapted a 11 x 6 foot terrain tile set lent to me by Robert Fletcher (cheers mate). I will post some phots of figures, terrain and buildings over the next few weeks. So until the next post (next week I promise), bye. Cheers Scott