Monday, March 02, 2009

1st Sudan game

Finally got to have a game with my Sudan stuff last Sudnay and had a ball. We used Command Piquet for the game and really enjoyed the rule system except for the dice roll for turns. I like 90% of the package that is Piquet but the D20 Command dice roll off really leaves me cold, suffice to say that the British forces had verrrrry bad rolls and ended up reacting to everything the Fuzzies could throw at them. It was fun but sitting back and not doing anything except reacting to an opposing army gets a bit tedious, I will use the FOB rule next game as I feel it will give a much more enjoyable game.

Indian Mutiny painting has been going pretty well, I have finished 100 figures in the first month. I have yet to do the terrain details on the bases on these as I have had serious thoughts about the level I want to play at (Battalion or company). I have based them twice already and have finally decided to go for the original idea of companies on 40mm square bases, 4 bases a company much like the Sudan British. I was going to base these and photograph them this weekend but my better half decided to have a baby on Saturday, so I have had my hands a little full with our baby girl Sofie. Cheers Scott