Sunday, July 30, 2006

WECW Campaign

Had my first game of the new campaign on Saturday, there should have been 4 of use but one gamer did not turn up so we only had 2 games for the day. Robert and Russel played first, the game was played on a 10x6 foot table and saw 4000 points of Ottomans facing a similar sized force of Swedes. The game was quickly over when Robert's right flank gave way to a violent attack by a unit of Finnish cavalry and Robert failed his important panic tests. Robert had forgotten that his unit of Spahi were immune to panic tests and threw in the towel (should know the capability of your own army better I suppose). 3 points to Russ for a crushing victory and both players then rolled on the campaign table, Russ got free spiritual support in the form of a Swedish minister and free carbines for a large cavalry unit. I then played Russ' Swedes with my Cossacks and after a very close game managed my first win against the Swedish army (photos did not really turn out at all which is a pity). The game however was a tricky one in regards to rule interpretations, the use of pike against cavalry in WECW is still a very complex subject and needs rewritng I feel. The other point was on the subject of feigned flight and what happened when interpenetration of the units resulted from this? I think that some fine tuning of the rules and especially those that I have tacked onto WECW from WAB still needs to be done. The games do still give me the feel of what I believe the period should be like though, so if you have any further ideas guys please drop me a line. Robert was very kind and gave me the new Osprey book on the Polish Hussars for my birthday, I read it this morning in bed (Sunday morning lay in before going to the beach). I enjoyed it thoroughly and even though the artist is not up the standard of Angus McBride buy it if you have even a passing interest in Polish Hussars. Will post some photos of the newly painted coach Monday when I can get a better result. Cheers Scott

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

WECW Eastern Campaign

My first two games of the new 4000 point a side campaign are this Saturday, so far we have 6 players committed but we need more. Mark your ECW Parlimentarians would be great as the Army of Brandenburg, I can lend you 90 foot and 40 cavalry to round it out (drop me a line, then we could have 7 factions). It is suprising how the prospect of a simple campaign can get you inspired to paint again. I haven't painted a single figure in the last 6 weeks (apart from horses for a friend), after finishing 5 weeks in a High School doing prac. to become a teacher, I was just worn out. However in the last week I have finished 8 more mounted Cossacks (can never have enough) and I should have the excellent Reboubt Miniatures ECW coach finished for the rescue scenario by Friday. The coach is a lot of work but looks fanastic already, I love to have lots of clutter on my gaming table as I feel it looks good and forces some kind of realism on the player. Just think about using a medium gun on the table (WECW of course), where is the horse and limber, the barrels of powder and the many other implements associated with artillery pieces? I think these should be on the table then there would not be any more arguements about whether or not that unit of infantry/cavalry could move or charge through this area (any ideas or thoughts). I would describe myself as more of a collector/thinker than a dedicated gamer, I like the look of a game and a good and well natured opponent is a must. Anyway I will report on the two games by early next week (photos of course). The army list and rules seem to have been popular as nearly 100 copies have been downloaded in the last 2 weeks, however I have still recieved very few replies, so come on guys I have done lots of work but I would like your comments/ideas and feedback to make it a better model that we as gamers can all use. Lets get more people interested in a fantastic and colourful period. P.S Anyone got the new Hussars book from Osprey yet?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Old Glory Pantodapoi

These are Old Glory figures that I use as Pantodapoi in the army of Eumenes. I feel that it is time that I redone the shields, perhaps using some of transfers from LBM studios. There was an American company (Dark Age Designs?), who did some fantastic Macedonian designs, I will try and track them down. I will post a purely cavalry scenario for the WECW varient later this week using my new ECW coach.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Redoubt's ECW/Three Musketeers Coach

Just started making the ECW coach that I got from Redoubt Miniatures last month. This is a very large kit with loads of detail and I can truly say worth every cent (20 pounds actually). The model comes with 4 horses, 2 crew and a gentleman and lady. I plan to paint the coach in red with palomino coloured horses and will form the basis of a scenario that I am writing for my Eastern WECW adaption. Whilst on the subject of WECW, those of you who have downloaded the lists etc., may have to send any e-mailsto me again as the link I gave seems not to have worked. I am sorry for this guys and will make it up to you all who have taken time out to drop me a line. Once again my e-mail is
We are going to start a 4000 point a side campaign in the next few weeks using the system that I adapted from the WAB El Cid supplement, I will report the campaign on this site. I hope to have 6 players using the following armies; Polish, Swedish, Austrian, Ottoman, Cossack and Transylvanian or Brandenburg. I haven't painted enough Muscovites yet so I will be using my Cossack whose only nemisis so far has proven to be the hard Swedish army, we will see.
To set the scene for the campaign I give you a painting of the doomed but proud Polish Hussars as they march against the valient freedom fighters of the Ukraine, the Cossacks (lets hope the campaign goes this way).

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Foundry unarmoured Macedonian Pike

Two units of 24 unarmoured Macedonians, these fight in my army of Eumenes but should probably be units of 32 as their lack of armour makes them die quickly. Foundry shields are perhaps a little to thick for most people but the raised designs on the shield is historical. A stone mould found from the Ptolemaic period provides very good evidence that bronze shields had these raised designs (complete with profile of the King). Later I might replace the shields with thinner ones with raised design from 'Vendal Miniatures'.

Essex Pantodapoi

Essex Miniatures from their Seleucid range, except the rather plump standard bearer who is from the Macedonian range, these are old figures but I really like them. Essex is often forgotten by many collectors because they do not have as many varients. This can be solved by the turning of heads and arms, basic head swops and other small conversions. In the UK they are still very good value for money, much less than the 1 pound a figure that many companies are now charging. The Seleucid, Bactrian and Persian Essex ranges are a great source of figures for those lesser known Successor armies which many will want to build when Jeff Jonas' new WAB supplement hits the shelves.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The church, village and plunder being taken by my light troops.

The right flank of my army was made up of 3 units of 12 Christian mercenary knights, these are the best troops of my army but like always one unit failed their test and would not advance (I rolled a 1). One of these units with a Christian captain actually managed to once again kill Robert's army general. Robert has a constant tendacy to always roll low when he fights my characters but in this game he reached an all time low. One 12 man unit of my knights and my Christian captain on a breakthrough movement managed to defeat 23 christian knights and 2 characters (his General and Bishop).

El Cid Game

My 5500 point Andalus army facing Roberts Christian army, 72 heavy cavalry, 56 light cavalry and 174 infantry. The church and other buildings in the middle of the table contained monks, wagons and cattle that had to be captured by the opposing armies (using the points from the raid scenario in the El Cid supplement).

Friday, July 07, 2006

El Cid game Saturday

Hey guys, off to play a 5500 point aside ElCid game tommorrow. I am playing my Andalusian army circa 1120, low morale but lots of skirmishing troops which makes it a challenging army to fight with. I just love playing this period, the scenarios, armies and campaign rules all give a great fun game and that is what I want in my wargaming. I know that WAB is not everyone's cup of tea but the beauty of the system is if you don't like don't use it. I have a friend whose main gripe with the system are warhorses (they are cheesy), so I say don't use them but he has given up on the whole ruleset, so his loss which is a pity. I will post pictures on Sunday and a small battle report. I posted the Deluge army lists a week ago and wondered if any of you have had a chance to look at them or play them yet? I would really appreciate some feedback on these guys, especially on if I am on the right track, do they give you the feel for the period and do the army lists represents their respective nationalities and fighting style? So far there are over 30 of you who have downloaded these so please get back to me. Cheers Scott

Monday, July 03, 2006

Naismith and Foundry Comparison

Naismith figures on the left next to Foundry Macedonians. The Foundry figures tower over the Naismith range but I feel they look good by themselves.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Macedonian veterans

These are very old Naismith miniatures that I bought and painted in 1999 whilst living in London. I used to go to the shop and select what I wanted, they are small compared to newer models but paint up well and they were very cheap (1.50 pounds for 3). I really like their scythed chariot (have 4) and barded elephant (have 2). I will post a comparison shot of them next to a foundry unit. All shields except for one have been hand painted (trust me), I ran out of transfers and needed them done that weekend for a game. So if I don't paint a Macedonian star burst symbol on a shield in the 10 years I will be happy. The 45% angle of the pike are probably the most practical on the table top and still look imposing when advancing towards you. This unit fights as a veteran Macedonian unit in the army of Eumenes using the new rules for early successors by Jeff Jonas'.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Macedonian Silver Shields

A 32 man unit of Foundry Macedonian Silver shields, the best of Alexander's army and the strike force of the early Successor armies of Perdicas and Eumenes. The army and character of Eumenes is one of my favourites during the period following the death of Alexander at Babylon. In 2004 I wrote two articles for Slingshot magazine on the two major battles of Eumenes which resulted in the winning of the wargames article prize for the year. The prize was a Foundry horde pack of my choice, I ended up with another 30 Companions which I have yet to paint (can never have enough Macedonian cavalry).

Sarmatian and Parthian light cavalry

The top photo are 1st Corps Persian horse archers, which I use as Sarmatian or Parthian cavalry. I really like these casting, not only do they have loads of detail and are easy to paint but they are so cheap at 14.30 pounds (10 horse and riders) including worldwide postage. The bottom photo shows Parthian archers from Newline on Old Glory horses and green stuff saddle clothes. Needless to say both of these units see action in my Parthian and Sarmatian army as well as fighting with the army of Pontus.