Thursday, August 02, 2007


Essex Miniature Jiltsi lancers (from their Cossack range) mounted on Old Glory horses with Redoubt Miniature pistol holsters. These guys have large swan wings on their back and look almost (but not quite) as cool as Polish Hussars. The flags are from LBM Studios Byzantine range and really suit the Muscovites of the later 17 the century.

Muscovite Streltsi 7th Regiment

These figures are from the great Old Glory renaissance Eastern European range. The unt flag is handpainted but the flag with Mary and the baby Jesus is from LBM Studios limited Christmas Byzantine range.

Old Glory Streltsi

Old Glory Streltsi

Unfortunately when I painted the Streltsi unit flags I used the infromation in the old George Gush book and should have used the infromation from Erich Palmquist's work from 1674. I have to redo the unit flags and shorten the staffs but that is in the future as I want to give them a few battles first. My friend Leroy Simpson painted the foot but I did the flags and the basing. The cavalry are mine of course as I just love doing the mounted arm of any army.

WAB pictures of GAZA

Hey guys please use this link to have look at the game that my friend Nathan Vinson put on last year using my figures and his own large collection to do the battle of Gaza. The game was played using the draft Successor rules that Jeff Jonas has written and will hopefully be published soon.