Monday, November 13, 2006

WAB El Cid Game Saturday 11-11-06

Mark and I played a really fun and hard fought El Cid game on Saturday, I finally got to use my church model that I finished a few months ago. Both armies were 3700 points and we used the raid scenario, Mark and his Christian army had the loot and my Andulusian army had recapture it all. I managed to regain my loot but both sides suffered heavy casualties and the Christian King reminds me of when I used to play WHFB, he is a Demon/Dragon rider in disguise (way too over the top much like the Norman King).

Sunday, November 12, 2006

WECW changes for the New Year

I have played tested most of the Deluge WECW army lists and I feel that all (I hope) special rules and changes have been ironed out. In the New Year (mid to late January) I will put up the new and I hope final draft for everyone to enjoy but I have changed one major point that I feel is lacking in WAB and WECW. This point is that many armies I have seen used, whilst fitting into the army list percentages do not really show how the armies were organised in the real world. I have therefore decided to follow the WHFB model and one used in an early draft of the WAB Shieldwall supplement, armies will have a set access to Characters, Core units, Rare units and Special Units. This will be represented like this:

Army Size Characters Core Units Rare Units Special Units
below 1000pts 1 1 1 0
1000-1999pts 2 2 3 1
2000-2999pts 3 3 3 2
3000-3999pts 4 4 4 3
4000-4999pts 5 5 5 4
5000-5999pts 6 6 6 5

Over 6000 points the armies become too unwieldy and lack any real command and control, for the larger games I am thinking of adapting and using Warmaster Ancients.

Characters: The figures listed are the maximum of models drawn from this category.
Core Units: The figures listed are the minimum number of units drawn from this category.
Rare and Special Units: The figure listed are the maximum number of units drawn from this category.

Unit sizes: The minimum number of figures in a unit are 5 cavalry and 10 infantry.

What do you all think, as there are nealry 300 downloads of the lists I am sure that there are a lot of ideas we could all use in these lists and rules, so Please, Please if you have any ideas, recomendations etc. please e-mail at so that I can get them included in the new and I hope final draft.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Haven't posted for awhile

Polish right flank advances against the Swedes. Mark and I played this game a few weeks ago but because I am still on a soooo slow dial up conection I haven't had the time to post it. Mark and I are playing a 4000 point aside El Cid game Saturday 11-11 and I will finally get to use my new Monastary model. Some photos and I will update to broadband and a website in the new year. For those that have downloaded the WECW army lists, the Haiduks for the Poles are actually under Polish foot. I will be releasing all modifications and play tested adaptions in the New Year as well, so give me any feedback/changes etc. that you feel need to be there. Cheers Scott