Monday, February 11, 2008

Winged Fury Test

Hey guys I played my first game of Winged Fury (free set of rules from the Ambler Gamers Yahoo group) at a club in Brisbane on Sunday and had great fun. It was a Polish versus Imperial/Austrian battle with 116 points aside (only had a 8x6 foot table). The infantry units had 4x50mm bases each (20 figures) and the cavlary were mostly 3x50mm bases (6 figures) except for the cuirassier units which were 4x50mm bases (8 figures). The only modifications that I made were to unit morale status which I think was a mistake as it did lengthen combat/melee times and units stayed around too long when they should have run or routed. My reading of the rules before play made me agree with Pan Mark's statement on his Yahoo Renaissance gaming group in one of his previous posts about the brittleness of unit morale and hits from firing but after playing I feel they are probably right. I played against James who is a regular opponent (he is 16 this year), he loves the period and usually fields a very large Brandenburg army but he used his dad's Imperial one for the battle. The game rules were easily picked up by both of us, there is some problems with the language but a repeated reading of the sections helped to understand. I took a few photos but the lighting in the hall was not the best and they did not come out very clearly, sorry for that. All I can say is that we both enjoyed the game and I did not come away from it feeling that something was not right which I have felt after my last few games of 1644 (or just exhausted from all the dice rolling and working out attacks in WECW). Try them out, they are not perfect (what is) but they are fun, free and give you a good feel for the period, what else can ask for. Cheers Scott

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cossack wagon tabor and Easter Weekend

Here are some photos of my Cossack wagon tabor that I finish a few weeks ago. I meant to put these up a few weeks ago but the batteries in my camera were dead so this post has had to wait until I got new ones. In the next 2 months I will only be painting bits and pieces for my Deluge collection as I am busy painting several hundred figures for an early Sudan participation game Nathan Vinson and I will be putting on at the Brisbane Easter convention. The convention is a great and relaxed 2 days of gaming in the heart of the CBD in Brisbane organised by Gerry Webb of Castaway Arts. If you are in Queensland come along and join in the games and sample the growing range of figures and terrain now available from Queensland companies. Gerry will have his large range of 25mm figues (Castaway Arts), Matthew will have his 15, 20 and 25mm ranges (Battlescape), Nathan Vinson will have a sample of his extensive 25mm range (Elite Miniatures), Kevin Jowett will have his new 25mm ACW range and extensive and excellent range of painted and unpainted building in 15mm, 20mm and 25mm from Hudson and Allen, Scenic Effects and Historical Building Authority. Check the Castaway Arts site for more details of the weekend. Come along and have great day of gaming in the airconditioned rooms of Chiffley of the Mall. See you all there, Scott.