Sunday, December 30, 2007

Muscovite and Ottoman 1644 lists

Muscovite Cavalry brigade (Boyars and followers)

Hey guys hope everone had a great Christmas and got some good figures to paint, I got none but I do have a full cupboard of bare metal to paint. I will post some pictures of games in the New Year but if you go to the Esnips link you will find the new Muscovite and Ottoman 1644 lists. They have yet to be played tested so if you fiind something you disagree with just change them. Have a Happy New Year and I my first New Years promise is to post at least every week in 2008. Cheers Scott

P.S I have reloaded the lists to enable them to be read by Microsoft Word 97 (I had used 2007 and people had a problem reading them).

Friday, December 14, 2007


Hey guys here is the link to the final lists and army background that I will be posting here.
I have also posted a series of ruses (18) that you can use in your battles, they have been adapted from the WAB Art of War supplement and are lots of fun.
The lists and additional rules all seem to work together and our group seems to be happy with them. Like always I have left them in WORD format so that you can change anything I have missed or you don't agree with. The lists have been published as seperate folders so that you don't have to wait an age for them to download (sorry about the first volume).
I will now concentrate upon painting and translating and posting information about the armies and regiments involved with the Deluge period. Please remember that Dan Schorr's excellent website (link on the right) has some fantastic information on the period and he is adding more and more every week.