Thursday, July 07, 2016

Saga and the Zulu Wars

Played the fantastic Colonial Wars variant last weekend which was published in the Wargames Soldiers and Strategy magazine a few years ago. Figures are replaced by bases of 2-3 infantry and games can be up to 10 points. Mark Piper and I played a 8 point Zulu Wars game using scenario IV (pg. 113) from 'The Crescent and Ceoss' book. Zulus swarmed down from the hills and massacred the British force, fantastic variant which I heartily recommend for a different feel. Figures and terrain are from Mark Piper's excellent collection.
                                            British have walked into a trap
                                        Each base of 2-3 figures replaces the single figures of normal Saga
                                   British forces heading towards a quite Zulu village