Sunday, December 30, 2007

Muscovite and Ottoman 1644 lists

Muscovite Cavalry brigade (Boyars and followers)

Hey guys hope everone had a great Christmas and got some good figures to paint, I got none but I do have a full cupboard of bare metal to paint. I will post some pictures of games in the New Year but if you go to the Esnips link you will find the new Muscovite and Ottoman 1644 lists. They have yet to be played tested so if you fiind something you disagree with just change them. Have a Happy New Year and I my first New Years promise is to post at least every week in 2008. Cheers Scott

P.S I have reloaded the lists to enable them to be read by Microsoft Word 97 (I had used 2007 and people had a problem reading them).

Friday, December 14, 2007


Hey guys here is the link to the final lists and army background that I will be posting here.
I have also posted a series of ruses (18) that you can use in your battles, they have been adapted from the WAB Art of War supplement and are lots of fun.
The lists and additional rules all seem to work together and our group seems to be happy with them. Like always I have left them in WORD format so that you can change anything I have missed or you don't agree with. The lists have been published as seperate folders so that you don't have to wait an age for them to download (sorry about the first volume).
I will now concentrate upon painting and translating and posting information about the armies and regiments involved with the Deluge period. Please remember that Dan Schorr's excellent website (link on the right) has some fantastic information on the period and he is adding more and more every week.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


New Reiter Regiment and Muscovite cavalry brigade

New unit of Muscovite Reiters in green with the rest of the new regiments I have painted so far. I still have 3 more units of reiters to do and then the Muscovite cavalry are done, remember to have a look at the 5 units of 12 Muscovite Boyar cavalry that I have already done. The unit in green was finished nearly 3 weeks ago but as I had just bought a new house I had to move everything etc. and have had little time for anything else. Those people out there who have spotted the later GNW style flag I apologise but as there is little available information in English I wanted to make them usable for both periods (early GNW). I didn't feel like handpainting the flags from Dan Schoor's excellent site but I might do later after I have had a few games (keep those people happy). For those with more information on Muscovite uniforms, flags and organisation during the Deluge period I say "please share it". There is nothing more frustrating then getting corrected on uniform points etc. (best guess many times) when nothing else is offered up. I read Swedish and some German but no Polish or Russian so would really appreciate some information from those better informed, please. Anyway for those after the 1644 Muscovite army lists I will post them and the Ottoman list some time in the near future, somehow they got left off the last last but there is nothing stopping people from creating their own using my WECW or own research. Until next time when I will talk about how the free ruleset "Father Tilly 3" plays (I am rather excited by these and have been reading them carefully). Cheers Scott

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Muscovite Reiters

I finally finished the first of my five Reiter units for my Muscovite armies. The uniform style and equipment are based upon the painting from the Russian historical magazine Zeughus and the Osprey book on the cavalry of Peter of Great. See older posts for the illustration of the Reiter in green. I have used Old Glory Cossack miniatures to represent the units, the figures are great and have seperate hands with pistols, swords, carbines and lance. I intend to paint the units in Brown, Green, Blue, Grey and Dark Red.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

heavy Hussars new pictures

Here are more of the new hussars that I have painted. The figures are the new Polish Winged Hussar figures from Essex Miniatures which have had the wings removed and green stuff added to represent the fur cape worn by the hussars. The figures are on Elite Miniature horses with saddle cloth and saddle added with green stuff and pistol holsters from Redoubt miniatures. The photos are not the best because I took them at night and did not have enough life but I hope you get the idea.

Muscovite Heavy Hussars

Here are some pictures that I took the other night after I had finally finished painting them. They had been on my painting desk for a few months now and their continued presence had started to irk me so I feel they are not what I was really aiming for but I won't be painting a new lot.

Muscovite Heavy Hussars

The hussars are based upon the painting and descriptions of the unit from Dan Schoor's fantastic site. The passage below comes from this site and explains the formation of the corps and its tactical uses:

Besides the Reiters, another type of regular cavalry was the Lancers. Lancers appear by 1662 in the Belgorod Corps (on the southern border of Russia). Two regiments were converted from Reiters to Lancers. These regiments consisted of 5 companies, each of about 100 men. One company in each lancer regiment was Reiter.

In contrast to southern units, in the Novgorod Corps (Northwest) a separate Hussar regiment was formed. It had different history from the lancers. The hussars were formed as a close combat unit in Reiter regiments. Russian hussars were a copy of Polish Hussars, but without "wings" and shields (I'm not sure in it, but I have not found any mention of wings and shields in this regiment). In 1662 a separate Hussar regiment was formed under Colonel Nikifor Karaulov. In consisted of 20 officers and 350 hussars in five companies. In 1673 this regiment numbered 417 men, and 465 men in 1679.

Hussars were armed with a lance (not spear) and pistols. They were protected by a light cuirass and Naruchnik (an armour protecting the hands). In the middle of 1670's Lancer companies were added to Reiters regiments in Novgorod corps too, but a separate Hussar regiment was retained.

Essex Miniatures Polish for Muscovite hussars

These are the single winged and double winged Polish hussar figures from Essex Miniatures that I used to make my Muscovite Hussars. I actually preferred the older model but this is what is available today. I used green stuff to fill the hole in the back of the model and create a fur cape, the head of the single winged hussar was replaced with a suitable one from Redoubt Miniatures (many different variants) and the hands were also replaced with ones from Old Glory which needed to be drilled (so lance would not fall out). Figures were mounted on Elite Miniatures horses with saddle cloth and saddle added with green stuff. I love these horses which are nice and large but Essex produce a very nice one for their Muscovite range which I highly recommend for your own Hussars (I get mine for free from Nathan Vinson who owns Elite Miniatures Australia, thanks mate). Nathan has a totally awesome Blog called "Lonely Gamers" which you can access in the links pages, check it out. Finally those of you who have gone through the totally bizarre process of posting a comment here I say thanks, I have tried everything I can to make it easier to post but it just gets worse whatever I do. Cheers Scott

1644 army lists

Hey guys I had forgotten that I have written up a few new army lists for the 1644 rules. The Polish, Cossack and Muscovite lists can be found here :
I have yet to finish the Ottoman and other lists but this is a start. I really like the rules but there are parts that leave our group just scratching our heads. The owner of the Yahoo Eastern Renaissance discussion group (Pan Mark) has an excellent list of small additions which will help you enjoy the game and rule system even more (I use about half of his suggestions).

Finally Back

It has been awhile since I last posted on this site, no real reason apart from a slow painting schedule. Thanks to those who have waited because I have some photos of my new Muscovite heavy hussar unit for them to check out. The figures are based upon this recreation from the Russian military history magazine.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Essex Miniature Jiltsi lancers (from their Cossack range) mounted on Old Glory horses with Redoubt Miniature pistol holsters. These guys have large swan wings on their back and look almost (but not quite) as cool as Polish Hussars. The flags are from LBM Studios Byzantine range and really suit the Muscovites of the later 17 the century.

Muscovite Streltsi 7th Regiment

These figures are from the great Old Glory renaissance Eastern European range. The unt flag is handpainted but the flag with Mary and the baby Jesus is from LBM Studios limited Christmas Byzantine range.

Old Glory Streltsi

Old Glory Streltsi

Unfortunately when I painted the Streltsi unit flags I used the infromation in the old George Gush book and should have used the infromation from Erich Palmquist's work from 1674. I have to redo the unit flags and shorten the staffs but that is in the future as I want to give them a few battles first. My friend Leroy Simpson painted the foot but I did the flags and the basing. The cavalry are mine of course as I just love doing the mounted arm of any army.

WAB pictures of GAZA

Hey guys please use this link to have look at the game that my friend Nathan Vinson put on last year using my figures and his own large collection to do the battle of Gaza. The game was played using the draft Successor rules that Jeff Jonas has written and will hopefully be published soon.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Trilogy Paintings and 1644

Hey guys not much this week in the way of figures until I take some photos of a game on Sunday using the 1644 rules. I have ordered the newly reprinted and improved 1644 rules from Foundry and eagerly await their arrival. The add on the Foundry site says that they have added TYW, Polish and Mulburian army lists and rules and photos seem to show a very slick and colourfull rule set. It is funny how things come about as I had the old set out a few weeks ago and I was working on adding army lists for the Deluge period and how to simulate light cavalry such as Cossacks and Tartars. So a few days after this the new rules are released and look very good and in addition one of my friends had a game of them last week when I was away on holidays, so it must be fate to try them out again. I actually preferred these rules to parts of WECW, the lesser firing casualties and pike rules seem to be something that WECW lacked. I will post photos and my thoughts after the game on Sunday.

On another note I came across some great drawings and paintings of the Triology (Fire and Sword, Deluge etc.) by a Polish painter that I had heard of and used his before. I was however not aware that he done a series of around 24 works based on Sienkiewicz's works. Please, please have a look at this link if you are only slightly interested as they just give me more and more inspiration to paint and game the Cossack wars, Deluge period and Ottoman wars. I give you some of his better known paintings to inspire you. Scott

Friday, June 22, 2007

Army Lists

Thought I might post a quick note before I go away on a much anticipated break about the lists I have posted, as some people have been less than happy how I have rated such and such unit (especially Winged Hussars). These lists and additional rules developed from an interest that my friends and I had in the period and because there wasn't any rules around that we really liked we decided to try WECW as the system (new 1644 rules look interesting). Our group loves the period and I especially love the books of Sienkiewicz and the subsequent movies by Jerzy Hoffman and so from the very start I have wanted some type of character identification within the rules and lists. I decided to structure the rules and lists with this mentality from the start because at the end of the day I wanted to use the figures and terrain we had all spent a lot of money and time creating. It is after all just a game to me and I wanted to have some fun with friends and there is no way in anyones stretch of imagination that WECW could be classified as a historical rule set anyway (if you think so than good luck with that one).

I have had emails from one or two people that have corrected or disagreed with the rating or placement of such and such unit in a certain list (because they have more knowledge than do I or they have read a source in some other language). I have no problem with this because at the very begining I stated that if you disagreed with something than change it, that is why I left everything in Word form anyway, so this could be easily done. I have no connection with Warhammer Historical and have done everything on this site in my own free time and let anyone and everyone have access to the lists and the rules so they can at least start and get gaming with their figures. Finally for those that dislike what I have done then just change them but don't come back and say that they are not completly historic because I have used Sienkiewicz as a influence or have left out such and such unit because the WECW system could never in a month of Sundays ever achieve that (just look at the firing of muskets and cannons as an example or the confused pike rules). These lists are my interpretation and my hard work so if you don't like them change them or do your own work and write up your mega hard and invincible Winged Hussars (but don't expect anyone to game you). I game for fun and the spectacle of well painted figures and terrain on the table and make no claim at being the font of all knowledge on the period. Hopefully that has cleared up my view on the lists etc. so until next time (when I hopefully will have some new Muscovites up for viewing). Cheers Scott

Friday, June 01, 2007

Croatian Military

Just discovered a site of some fantastic Croatian Military art at
I have some of the artist's other works but this site has most of his pieces in one collection and are an inspiration for painting that Transylvanian army that I wrote the lists for and have yet to play myself. The heavy Hussar (1600) pictured above is interesting and is very easy to model with existing 25-28mm figure ranges. The figure has many similarities to the Polish and Muscovite Hussars of the same period and just shows how many of the military techniques and ideas were shared by those living close to each other. There are several other images of heavy hussars from around the 1650's which are very similar apart from the boots and some more plate, so I feel a mix of old and new style figures would look great and not be too out of place?
To start with Old Glory has a specific pack in their Eastern Renaissance range which is well detailed but way too small for my liking, then their are the unarmoured Hussars models from Redoubt miniatures which look great and are large (28mm), see my attempt above (painted as Lithuanians). The new Polish Hussars from TAG would also fit the bill and you could use the wing to represent Tartar nobles as pictured trying to captrue Karl X by several contemporary artists. However I am going to use a combination of the new Essex Miniature Polish Hussars without wings to make this unit. They are being painted at the moment as Muscovite heavy hussars but the addition of a seperate flag will enable them to fight in the 1656 Transylvanian invasion of Poland with their Swedish and Cossack allies.

Broadband and scenario idea

Finally got my Broadband connection so I can actually post more photos and not have to wait for ages to do so anymore. I have been reading the Generals Compendium published by GW USA (2003)and even though it is designed for Warhammer Fantasy the book has some great ideas for campaigns, terrain building, sieges, scenarios and ship combat rules that are easily adapted to WECW and WAB. There is one scenario that is easily adapted to the Deluge period and that is the raid scenario (pp. 166-7).

Raid 1656

The attacking players objective is to loot and then burn as many structures as possible and also slay as many defenders as is possible.

The defender has to try and stop the looting and destruction of his buildings and kill as many attackers as is possible.

The Battlefield
The most important features on the battlefield are the 6 structures. These can be houses in a small village a church or a windmill for grinding grain (whatever you have but please ensure they fit into a Eastern context). These buildings each contain 1 loot point and should be spread across the table outside each sides deployment zone (centre of the table looks and feels right).

The Forces
Both sides choose from the respective lists to an agreed points value. The defender has only 75% of the attackers points. For instance 1500 points of defenders against 2000 points of attackers.

To give a period feel of this type of raid which was common throughout the Deluge, each army are only allowed to take cavalry and dragoon units (dragoons may start dismounted).

The defender sets up his entire army in his normal deployment zone (as per rules) and then the attacker sets up in his normal deployment zone.

1st Turn
The attacker moves his army first.

Special Rules
The structures are classed as timber, brick or log buildings and therefore have T7 and 5 damage points. Attacking units have to spend 1 turn near a building to loot it and all attacking units are equipped with torches and will take one turn of base to base contact to ensure that the building is on fire.

Scenario Length
The scenario will last a minimum of 6 turns or until agreed.

Who has won
The players receive 1 point for each loot point have taken or saved and 1 point for each building they have destroyed or saved (attacker and defender).
I will play this game ASAP and publish an illustrated report here. The game will see an attacking force of Cossacks and Muscovites raiding the fringes of the Lithuanian Duchy in 1656 (Lithuanian rebels and Swedes).

Where have you been?

Sorry to have made everyone wait so long for this post (5 weeks) but I had thought that when I signed up for Optus broadband I would only have to wait the maximum 10 days and not over 4 weeks. The modem only arrived yesterday and I have yet to pick it up, so I this post is still the so slowwwww dial up (which means only a few photos).

I have been a little busy with games over the last few weeks and have been able to play both WECW and WAB. Last week I actually got to use some figures that haven't seen the wargaming table for around 4-5 years. We played a nice and relaxed game of WAB at Mark's place using the the final (I hope) draft of Jeff Jonas' Successor supplement. The game was set circa 260 BC and saw a large force of Seleucid troops launch a suprise attack against a Ptolemaic force and their newly established camp. In total there was 10 large phalanxes of Pikemen and mercenary hoplites as well as 7 elephants, 100 plus light infantry and around 140 cavalry. Good fun was had by all and it was the first game that Kevin's young son James (15) actually went on the offensive (some advice added from myself and Kevin of course). To be honest Mark and Jeff had a difficult task but their lack of knowledge of the WAB rules probably aided their downfail (don't care still beat you Mark).

To finish of until I get my modem and broadband hooked up here are a couple of pictures from a game that saw 2000 points of my Cossacks ally with 2000 points of Swedish mercenaries against a 4000 point force of Austrians and Brandenburgers. The battle was a difficullt one with the terrain breaking up any combined attack by both sides but James' lack of aggression allowed Kenny and I to create a massive hole in one wing of the combined army (that's why Kevin and I pushed James so hard in the next game). Until next time.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bit of an of mixed post this one with varied topics, as I have been very busy with the new term at school (little painting done). First I would to start with some new figures for Poles from the 17th century. The photo here is from the website of a little known company called 'Bears Den Miniatures' in the UK. The company has just released a large range of Poles to fight their very nice Ottoman range. The figures may well not be to everyone's taste but these winged Hussars in plate armour fill a gap that is still there in the market. The new Essex Miniature ones are unispiring (and mine have already been converted to Muscovite Hussars) whilst the Old Glory heavy cavalry are way too small and no one in his right mind could afford Foundry Miniatures (and they are small as well). TAG said they may do some Hussars in plate later on but as they are about to start a large TYW project I don't see this happening for awhile, if ever (there is also talk of an Italian Wars range after the TYW).
Anyway see this link for the new company I really like the Mounted command, Hussars, Tartars and small gun and crew whilst the Ottoman range has some very tasty Spahis and command on armoured horses, the foot figures are not really to my taste but the cavalry are very good and only cost 2 pounds each. I will be ordering some Hussars very soon and will post a review if anyone is interested. It is good to see a sudden surge in interest in Eastern renaissance wargaming and especially new and excellent ranges of figures.
Those who might be interested in the Transylvanian lists that I have posted for the Deluge period (very very pretty army), I obtained a great link from the Ottoman Wars Yahoo site posted by Rick Orli on the Hungarian and Ottoman cohabitation during the period 1500-1700. The link is and contains some good images and information on the ill-fated Transylavanian incursion into Poland during the Deluge period as allies of Karl X and the Cossacks.
On a completly different note I offer up a fantastic primary online source for the battles, uniforms and sieges of Karl X's wars in Poland and Denmark. During the Deluge period the Swedish king always had with him a very interesting character called Erik Dahlberg, whose writtings and drawings showed first hand all aspects of the campaigns of his King. Many of these drawings were used by Samuel Pufendorf to make a fantastic record (i.e. book) of the short reign of Karl X. These images always appear in the books that deal with Karl X and I thought I might see how much one of these would cost as it would be a fantastic resource. Anyway a quick search showed the cheapest copy going for 6000 Euros, so perhaps I might have to put it of awhile (Christmas present perhaps)? Here is the link online at a Polish University Have fun investigating the pictures, they have loads of uniform, battle and modelling inspiration.
Finally it has been inspiring to see a Yahoo group set up to talk about wargaming and the military history of Eastern Europe. There has been a lot of great discussion yet one thread has interested me a great deal and that is the one on wargaming the Deluge period. Daniel Staberg, a keen Swedish gamer who has studied the period closely at University maintains that because of the superiority of the Swedish army and the ad hoc basis of the Polish armies the battles will always be a one sided affair. This got me thinking because whilst this is true on paper the fact remains that the Swedes did lose the war and many major battles. The largest defeat being one of the last ones in Denmark during the war, Nyborg which saw a large Danish, Polish and Dutch force smash a smaller but experienced Swedish army. Daniel has made several very interesting statements but I think that he has approached gaming the period in a very different way to myself. I am a gamer who is interested in researching, collecting and painting my armies but it is a game that I play at the end of the day not a simulation. Daniel I believe is a simulator who tries to recreate the many different variables present in an army and a battlefield. I too once liked this style of gaming and would like to take it back up sometime (Empire and Ancient Empires), but and it is big but, the rules take ages to learn and a good sized game takes forever to play (2 days). Many people like to get their gaming over in a 4-5 hour period as family, jobs and the pressures of the modern world interfere in our day to day world and gaming time.
I would be the first to admit that WECW is not the perfect answer and that is why our group has taken ages to try and get it right. I think we have reached a happy medium for games under 6000 points and the mechanisms of the game can handle it in a reasonable manner. If you don't like a rule etc. change it so that all your gamers in the group feel happy. Gamers are a funny lot and we all have a different perspective on all aspects of the hobby but what has attracted me to the Deluge period is the huge variety of the armies and the personalities. The personality and career of Karl X just gets more and more interesting the more I read about him. Having spent several hundred dollars over the last few months on Swedish books I must say that the interest will coninue to grow.
To finish off my ramblings I would just like to check if people would be interested in a basic introductionary work on the Deluge period? I have been working on collating wargaming information (regiments, uniforms etc.), on the Swedish, Danish, Brandenburg, Muscovite, Cossack and Transylvanian armies and a basic overview of the campaigns. I would simply post it on this site as a link, but it is a fair way off as I am only half finished. Until next time, keep painting and I hope to have those damn Muscovite lancers posted next time.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Thursday Game

Played my first game with a Muscovite army proper yesterday and had a very good win over Robert's Ottomans. It did help that I had Kevin on my side and his dice rolling was inspiring but 5000 points allows a player to put a lot of troops on the board which can cover some lost combats. I used my 2 Cossack pike and 2 Cossack cavalry as Muscovite new regiments, as I have yet to paint them up (got them Wednesday from Old Glory). I also recieved two cavalry unit packs from TAG yesterday for my Ottoman and Polish armies. I will start painting Ottomans when the Muscovites are finished but the next unit on the painting desk after the Jiltsi lancers are a 12 man Hussar unit using Polish Winged Lancer figures from Essex miniatures. These figures only need a bit of work with green stuff and of course no wings to pass muster as Muscovite heavy Hussars.
The Muscovite army used on Thursday had a German mercenary pike unit and cavalry regiment that Kevin had just finished painting, so this battle was the first blooding of his troops and they went well. Kevin is building an Austrian/Imperial army for the Deluge period whilst his brother Kenny has started a Mercenary army with 2 units of Scots which he will add German troops to later on. Karl X enlisted 3 regiments of Scottish foot totalling 3000 men for the Polish invasion in 1655 and a lot of German regiments (foot and horse). I am in the process of translating and listing a brief regimental history of these units from my newly purchased books from Sweden (Carlbom and Stade). Kevin's 15 year old son James is also building up a Brandenburg force that can be used as allies for the Swedes and then later on for the Poles, Austrians and Danes. The new gaming recruits and Russ (with Swedes) makes our group now number 6 very keen players, so I hope to start the campaign anew in the next few months and even sooner if Robert sells his very large collection of ECW figures to Kevin (come on mate I know you want to). Anyway will post the seperate lists over the weekend but now I am going to the movies to see 300 and see how dire the film really is. Cheers Scott

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Muscovites and Easter weekend

Hey guys had a great Easter weekend of gaming at the Brisbane Muster put on by friend Gerry Webb of Castaway Arts (thanks mate). My friend Nathan and I put on a very large game of WAB using the draft rules from the yet to be released "Successor Supplement", that I have been lucky enough to be a part of (hope these get published one day). We played the battle of Gabiene between Antigonus and Eumenes in 317/16 BC (see my Slingshot articles issues 233-34 if interested), and had a ball. This period has always been my favourite period and one that I hope to finish a PHD in one day, however my gaming enthusiasm has been tested by the long wait Jeff Jonas has had to endure to get this published (WAB headquarters seem to be interested in publishing supplements about little known periods from UK based authors or so it seems to non based UK gamers). Anyway anti WAB rant over, we used 12 x 6 foot desert terrain built by Robert Fletcher for the Sudan (the battle was in Iran and thanks again BOB), to recreate the battle and it looked and played very well with nearly 1000 28mm figures on the board. The battle was lots of fun and flowed backwards and forwards as a Macedonian civil war game should. I should have posted a taster picture of the game but as this is Blog is really about the Deluge period I will ask those who are interested to use the links page to visit Nathan's 'Lonely Gamers' page to see loads of pictures of the great game (he also has Broadband compared to my very slooooow dial up). I would also like to thank Kenny for taking loads of great pictures as my poor digital could not handle the poor light.

Anyway back to the Deluge period and my lists especially those concerning the Muscovite army which I have been busily painting. I recieved my Old Glory order today and am now able to build 5 x 8 units of New cavalry regiments (Reiter regiments) and finally have the pike components for the infantry units. I have added a Hussar unit to the lists that I somehow left out. I know the first unit was raised in 1662 but one squadron of each of the new reiter regiments were equipped in this fashion from the beginning. I don't really don't know how to simulate this in WECW, so the ability to field a seperate unit seems to be the best option in a Muscovite army of the Deluge period and very historical after 1662. Anyway it gives me the excuse to paint a very different unit which I can use the newly purchased Essex Miniatures to represent (without wings of course and Redoubt Miniatures heavy cavalry head conversions). The spare wings from the Polish Hussars that I now have can be used to represent Tartar nobles who nearly captured Karl X whilst fighting with the Poles. I have my first game with my Muscovites tommorrow versus the Ottomans (5000 points) and look forward to seeing how they play and I will post the photos ASAP. On the weekend I will post all of the improved and hopefully streamlined army lists by themselves on this site on the weekend so they can be quickly downloaded. Cheers Scott

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Muscovite Army Progress

Haven't posted in nearly two weeks so I thought I might just talk about what I have to do to complete my Muscovite army for WECW and Picquet 'Anchor of Faith'. On the painting table are a unit of 10 Essex Jiltsi lancers which are very nice figures and will look great on the table (nearly finished these). I willl then start on 3x20 man of Streltsi in yellow, orange and light blue and then 3x40 man new soldier regiments (one unit done already in blue). The new soldier regiments were modelled on the Western style but soldiers wore Muscovite costume, so musket and pike regiments in differing kaftan colours (should look great). I have just ordered another 30 Cossack cavalry who will be converted into the new regiments of Muscovite cavalry, the picture shows how these looked. The picture comes from a Russian magazine (Zeughus?) and I would like to thank a much better informed and friendly enthusiast for supplying this. When the Old Glory figures arrive I will add pistol holsters from Redoubt miniatures and ensure that they have headgear that is more appropriate for Muscovite soldiers. There will be 4x8 man units (2 figures added from the Essex Ottoman range), and will be classed as gallopers in WECW (mostly raw and average) but they will only fight in single line (no rank bonus). After I paint the cavalry I will add one German mercenary unit of cavalry of 10 men (Essex Miniatures Polish Rajtars and Arqubeusiers with Redoubt head swops), and that will be all I need to paint. I have enough Cossacks (foot and cavalry) that can used in the army and also Tartar light cavalry but I need to finish two more guns and crew. That will be the army and then onto completing my Poles, Swedes and starting my Ottomans.
I have been busy using the credit card in the last two weeks (don't tell Ingrid) and suprise, suprise everything has arrived on time. I recieved the second and fantastic volume on the GNW from Dan Schorr in the US (Acedia press book on Russians, Saxons, Danes and Prussians), lots of great detail on flags, uniforms and unit organisation. Russian flag details will be used on some of my Muscovite units. I also recieved another two cavalry unit builder packs from TAG (11 days to Australia), I got another unit of Polish Pancerni (2 TAG units now) and a unit of Ottoman Dellis as well as a Jannisary cooking pot and a nice little free Ottoman Jannissary commander. What can I say guys, these are just wonderfull figures that are very good value in unit packs especially with free postage to Australia (order before the offer stops). I also recieved the first of three books that I ordered from Sweden on Karl X, this book on Carlbom is 97 years old and has soooo much detail on the Swedish and Finnish regiments in Karl's army but more interesting I finally have information about the foreign infantry and cavalry regiments (German, English etc). Great buy and I would like to thank Dan for really recommending this great book (probably take the rest of the year to read but so what). Any way waiting for the other two books with extreme enthusiasm. I also ordered 7 packs of Old Glory from the US using my Old Glory Army discount (40% off), even with postage they only cost me 30 dollars Australian each. I ordered 3 packs of Cossacks (as Muscovites), 2 packs of Polish mounted Dragoons (with 4 Essex figures to make 3x8 man units), 1 pack of Polish Haiduks and 1 of Muscovite pike. Lots of painting to come, I think that this year is still to be devoted to the wars of Karl X and next year has to be the GNW. Till next time.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Rules and more rules

I have been searching for a set of rules to play the bigger Deluge games that our collections seem to push us towards. I and the play testers have put loads of thought and work into making our Eastern adaptions to WECW, and they work pretty well up to a point. I have found that over 6000 points the games become clumsy and very longwinded. There is no real command and control and the bigger games just don't seem to come together. I know this is a problem with several of the others ,so I have been searching for that other mythical rule set that may solve our problems with the larger games and I think I have found something we can use, "Piquet and the Anchor of Faith" supplement . Now I am not saying that these rules are for everyone but they seem to hit the nail on the head for me and I really like how they have based and created units. I have yet to play them but having just also purchased the FOB (Field of Battle) set I think I am into a Piquet frame of mind. I will keep you posted on these when I get time to sit down with someone and play a small game.
I leave you with a picture of a Swedish camp sometime during the period of Karl X (lots of modelling inspiration here).

Figure Musings part 2

The last week and half has been a good one for me with all of my overseas orders coming one after the other. I finally recieved the two unit packs from TAG after nearly 5 weeks. I had ordered them nearly a month before but I became worried as I had not recieved them, I then emailed Pete who said that that was way too long and he quickly resent the package no questions asked. So great service from TAG and I have already ordered another two cavalry unitg packs. The figures are fantastic and the detail on the Ottoman Spahis makes me want to start painting my Ottomans straight away. They have finally redone thier website and it is great and easy to use, see it at

I also recieved a package from Essex Miniatures with some of their redesigned Poles and Cossacks. The Hussars are nice but not that exciting, I got enough to do two units of 8 figures, one with two wings and the other with one. The very exciting thing for me was the Jiltsi lancers that are for some reason listed in the Cossack range. These lancers were an elite unit in the Muscovite army and are a painters dream. They are in a deep red kaftan edged in gold with two white swan wings attached to their back and carrying blue and yellow lance (which should have a small dragon on the end of it). The photos above show the Essex figure on an Old Glory horse with Redoubt pistol holsters.
I also recieved the flags from LBM studios, which are fantastic and I have managed to track down an Australian distributor who sells these for a very decent price. The distributor is in Melbourne and his name is Michael Cope, if anyone is interested I can probably put his email here if he doesn't object? I also recieved some Swedish and Russian flags from Vaubner studios in Canada, these are for my next planned project the GNW but I can use some of them for the Deluge period at a pinch.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Muscovite cavalry Brigade

The Muscovite cavalry brigade in all its force, 5 units of 12 cavalry ready to invade the Polish/Lithuanian Commonwealth or take on the Swedes.