Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brisbane Muster

Here are some images of the game I put on over last weekend of June at the Brisbane Muster. I based the game on the invasion of Egypt by the Macedonian Royal army sent to punish Ptolemy for stealing the body of Alexander III. The game was set in the Nile Delta and saw over 1100 foot and cavalry on the table as well as 9 elephants. I felt that Impetus did a fantastic job of managing this huge game and Bob and I had a great two days and I as Ptolemy managed to pip him at the post once again.

The armies are split 50-50 from my and Nathan Vinson's collection, Nathan allowed my to borrow his massive collection and I have spent the last few weeks rebasing it for Impetus and ensuring that it has the same basing scheme as my collection. I have added a few dead elephants to some of his bases etc. which Impetus encourages. The figures are a mix of Foundry, 1st Corps, Vendel, BTD, Old Glory and some venerable Naismith figures. Cheers Scott

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Impetus game: Pontic versus Late Republican Roman

Had a very large game of Impetus today with my newly rebased figures. It was a 840 point a side game (9x5 foot table) with a Pontic army taking on a Late Republican army somewhere in Asia Minor (we used the Beta lists for the Pontics). Great game with the Roman cohorts easily grounding down my Pontic force and especially the pike blocks. Mark Piper (who led the Romans to victory) and I are really enjoying Impetus and we have had a load of fun using Basic Baroque to play ECW. I will post pictures of the Roman army in the next few days. Cheers Scott