Sunday, March 23, 2014

20mm Flames of War Desert game

Hi guys have been a bit slack posting anything in the last few months so here are some shots of games Mark Piper and I have played during this time. 

First up are some nice shots of Mark's great 20mm Desert collection, I always enjoy these FOW battles in 20mm.

Allied armour advancing on the thin German line


                                      German 105 rushes their guns in position


                                                                   My one 88mm which missed every bloody target

           Lonely recon boys

                                     Dug in infantry

                                                              Lots of Allied armour
                                                           More Allies



                       Stoic Tuetons who bravely held against the tide of armour

                                                    German gun line under fire


                                                 Allied armour avoids the German infantry after losses
                                                    88 had the best seat in the house but missed every shot