Monday, October 30, 2006


Marks very nicely painted heavy cavalry advance, in the background you can just glimpse his small 6 man cuirassier unit moving away when they failed a morale test.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gun Line

The view from both sides as a Pancerni unit attempts to get to grips with the gunline (Tartars did but lost). I however decided to attack the only steady unit in the Swedish combined army and because his pike didn't have room to counter my cavalry I actually forced this Scottish mercenary unit to flee after 2 rounds of combat (I caught and destroyed him).

Swedes and Brandenburg allies

Mark deploys his Swedes on the right and holds the centre with a very very scary 4 medium and 2 heavy guns. One of the heavy guns was deployed behind gabions, which was a hell of a target to attack. Coach and religous support deploy behind the many guns.

Mark's Gaming table christening

Mark Temple (Realistic Miniatures Blog) and I played a great WECW game on the weekend, getting to use his new terrain for the first time. Mark used his very nicely painted ECW army as a Brandenburg ally for my Swedes fighting the Poles. The two armies looked like this:

Swedes 2x40 man foot regiments (20 pike and 20 shot).
2x12 man heavy cavalry regiments with 10 attached shot, 15 mercenary cuirassiers and 12 Polish cossacks.
4 medium and 2 heavy guns with 4 crew each.

Brandenburg 2x32 man foot regiments (16pike and 16 shot). 1x12 man and 1x15 cavalry regiments and 6 cuirassiers.

Poles 2x36 man foot regiments (20 shot and 16 pike) and 2x15 foot Dragoons. 3x12 Pancerni units (1 with light lance), 1x12 man Heavy Hussar unit and 1x12 man Hussar unit in light armour (Redoubt unarmoured figures), 4x12 man Noble levy units, 12 regimented cossacks horse and 3x10 Tartar light cavalry. 2 light and 2 medium guns.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Poles block the Cossacks

Coach escapes from the Cossacks

Polish Pancerni regiment led by the Polish commander leds the coach away from the Cossack threat.

4th Turn

Cossacks and Poles are about to clash.

3rd Turn

The open terrain on the Cossack side (which I played) allowed them to get to the town quickly, however the buildings and the much heavier Polish cavalry blocked any easy access to the coach. I should have looked at the terrain much more closely than I did, the open table side would have allowed my Cossacks to harass the heavier Poles. I want to play this game again but changing the ends.

1st Move

Poles and Cossacks race towards the town and the coach.

WECW Rescue Game: Poles versus Cossacks

Three views of the game I had 1 week ago with Kevin Jowlett and his son James. Kevin has a great place in the Glass House Mtns and has just finished his 12 x 6 foot table, so we finally got to test my rescue scenario on a great looking table. The game was a roughly 2500 points aside game, the Cossacks and their Tartar allies deployed on the left and the Poles on the right. The Polish wagon with 2 dignataries and a guard of 30 Dragoons was deployed near the Catholic church. The Polish force needs to rescue them whilst the Cossacks want them for Ransom, the game was a free for all with game going to whatever side could get the coach away.