Monday, December 15, 2008

Mexican American War with Guns of Gettysburg

Kevin and I played our first Mexican-American War game a few weeks ago using the large collection of figures that he bought of Andrew Parr at MOAB in October (Old Glory figures). The game was fun and we used the General de Brigade variant for the ACW 'Guns of Gettysburg' which worked well I thought. I have always wanted to do this period since I saw a large demo game at Leeds in 95 using 1st Corp figures (it was a fantastic setup). I got enough 1st Corps figures from Kevin to do 5 regiments of Americans and 5 Mexican regiments, I will add to the Mexicans and get about 5 more units of militia and peasants and some irregular cavalry. The peasants and irregular cavalry I can use in my Maximillian project (nothing bought yet). Hope everyone has a great Christmas and as I started my school holidays today I will try and ensure that I use the next 5 and half weeks off painting and gaming. All the best Scott

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