Tuesday, July 25, 2006

WECW Eastern Campaign

My first two games of the new 4000 point a side campaign are this Saturday, so far we have 6 players committed but we need more. Mark your ECW Parlimentarians would be great as the Army of Brandenburg, I can lend you 90 foot and 40 cavalry to round it out (drop me a line, then we could have 7 factions). It is suprising how the prospect of a simple campaign can get you inspired to paint again. I haven't painted a single figure in the last 6 weeks (apart from horses for a friend), after finishing 5 weeks in a High School doing prac. to become a teacher, I was just worn out. However in the last week I have finished 8 more mounted Cossacks (can never have enough) and I should have the excellent Reboubt Miniatures ECW coach finished for the rescue scenario by Friday. The coach is a lot of work but looks fanastic already, I love to have lots of clutter on my gaming table as I feel it looks good and forces some kind of realism on the player. Just think about using a medium gun on the table (WECW of course), where is the horse and limber, the barrels of powder and the many other implements associated with artillery pieces? I think these should be on the table then there would not be any more arguements about whether or not that unit of infantry/cavalry could move or charge through this area (any ideas or thoughts). I would describe myself as more of a collector/thinker than a dedicated gamer, I like the look of a game and a good and well natured opponent is a must. Anyway I will report on the two games by early next week (photos of course). The army list and rules seem to have been popular as nearly 100 copies have been downloaded in the last 2 weeks, however I have still recieved very few replies, so come on guys I have done lots of work but I would like your comments/ideas and feedback to make it a better model that we as gamers can all use. Lets get more people interested in a fantastic and colourful period. P.S Anyone got the new Hussars book from Osprey yet?


Anonymous said...


down here in Somerset! Few years ago had a go at adapting Warhammer ECW to my Poles and Muscovites, very similar, few differences in points values! I have just bought the new Osprey book, very good, only means I have to buy some new Hussars to try the colour schemes!
Tally Ho and move south!

Scott Robertson said...

The problem is getting the additional rules from WAB to work properly with the WECW system, point costs can be fixed easily perhaps Polish and Lithuanian hussars should cost more to represent their rarity?Got the Hussar book on Saturday and like it a lot as well. What range will you use for your Hussars, I like the TAG range as I am a real fan of their designer but their Hussars are from the early period with too much mail (as are the nice ones from Redoubt). The Old Glory cavalry are just too small and nowhere as good as the foot, that only leaves Essex I feel, they are older but still paint up well and have the right armour for 1650 onwards (will use different horses though). I am painting up another unit of Redoubt unarmoured Hussars but will give them a single wing attached to the saddle (Redoubt sell single wings in packs on five). Cheers Scott

Anonymous said...

I think there may be a case, as with Napoleons Battles, to work on a few timelines, reading into the subject it would appear that Hussars were far more numerous in the early 17th Century so may be cheaper?

I have an OG hussar unit quite attractive, also a couple of Foundry which are nice, but dont like the crouched lance position! In addition they are all the same whereas the OG look like a wild charging mass as opposed to the Guards on parade.

Just bought some TAG stuff, very nice but costly but will have to add at least one unit of hussars! Then add to my Muscovites, before maybe doing some Swedes. We are having a go at a small game next wednesday, will let you know how we get on,

Tally Ho!