Friday, July 07, 2006

El Cid game Saturday

Hey guys, off to play a 5500 point aside ElCid game tommorrow. I am playing my Andalusian army circa 1120, low morale but lots of skirmishing troops which makes it a challenging army to fight with. I just love playing this period, the scenarios, armies and campaign rules all give a great fun game and that is what I want in my wargaming. I know that WAB is not everyone's cup of tea but the beauty of the system is if you don't like don't use it. I have a friend whose main gripe with the system are warhorses (they are cheesy), so I say don't use them but he has given up on the whole ruleset, so his loss which is a pity. I will post pictures on Sunday and a small battle report. I posted the Deluge army lists a week ago and wondered if any of you have had a chance to look at them or play them yet? I would really appreciate some feedback on these guys, especially on if I am on the right track, do they give you the feel for the period and do the army lists represents their respective nationalities and fighting style? So far there are over 30 of you who have downloaded these so please get back to me. Cheers Scott

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