Sunday, July 02, 2006

Macedonian veterans

These are very old Naismith miniatures that I bought and painted in 1999 whilst living in London. I used to go to the shop and select what I wanted, they are small compared to newer models but paint up well and they were very cheap (1.50 pounds for 3). I really like their scythed chariot (have 4) and barded elephant (have 2). I will post a comparison shot of them next to a foundry unit. All shields except for one have been hand painted (trust me), I ran out of transfers and needed them done that weekend for a game. So if I don't paint a Macedonian star burst symbol on a shield in the 10 years I will be happy. The 45% angle of the pike are probably the most practical on the table top and still look imposing when advancing towards you. This unit fights as a veteran Macedonian unit in the army of Eumenes using the new rules for early successors by Jeff Jonas'.

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