Sunday, July 30, 2006

WECW Campaign

Had my first game of the new campaign on Saturday, there should have been 4 of use but one gamer did not turn up so we only had 2 games for the day. Robert and Russel played first, the game was played on a 10x6 foot table and saw 4000 points of Ottomans facing a similar sized force of Swedes. The game was quickly over when Robert's right flank gave way to a violent attack by a unit of Finnish cavalry and Robert failed his important panic tests. Robert had forgotten that his unit of Spahi were immune to panic tests and threw in the towel (should know the capability of your own army better I suppose). 3 points to Russ for a crushing victory and both players then rolled on the campaign table, Russ got free spiritual support in the form of a Swedish minister and free carbines for a large cavalry unit. I then played Russ' Swedes with my Cossacks and after a very close game managed my first win against the Swedish army (photos did not really turn out at all which is a pity). The game however was a tricky one in regards to rule interpretations, the use of pike against cavalry in WECW is still a very complex subject and needs rewritng I feel. The other point was on the subject of feigned flight and what happened when interpenetration of the units resulted from this? I think that some fine tuning of the rules and especially those that I have tacked onto WECW from WAB still needs to be done. The games do still give me the feel of what I believe the period should be like though, so if you have any further ideas guys please drop me a line. Robert was very kind and gave me the new Osprey book on the Polish Hussars for my birthday, I read it this morning in bed (Sunday morning lay in before going to the beach). I enjoyed it thoroughly and even though the artist is not up the standard of Angus McBride buy it if you have even a passing interest in Polish Hussars. Will post some photos of the newly painted coach Monday when I can get a better result. Cheers Scott


Elisha said...

I love the blog! As of right now I'm still building my armies so i can't comment on the rules, but want to let you know I do appreciate it!

Any chance of some pictures from these huge games?

Scott Robertson said...

I will try and take some more good photos of our games the ones I took on Saturday just did not turn out, remember to look at the archives for many more pictures. I will post photos of the new coach and 3 Swedish cavalry regiments on the weekend. Cheers Scott