Thursday, December 17, 2009

What have I been painting?

I have been busy with the paintbrush over the last 6 months despite my lack of posts. The major project has been a slip to the dark side and a major investment in GW Lord of Rings figures, all bought from Maelstrom Games in the UK (post free worldwide and at least 10% off list prices). I have really gotten into the new WOTR (War of the Ring), and spent about $2500 over the last 6 months on figures. The rules have many similarities to Warmaster but it has a major input from character figures (Heroes). It is not for everyone but for someone who has been seriously hooked on Tolkien's world since I was 13 (27 years ago) I really rate it as a fun and gameable set of rules. I will post photos of what I have done if anyone is interested as I like to keep this a historical (hysterical?) site.

Aside from WOTR I have been very busy doing loads of figures for an upcoming campaign set during the early Italian Wars (1498-1525). Having been inspired by the website and campaign rules (Pike and Plunder) of James Roach, Robert Fletcher and myself will be doing this in style and a big way in 2010, stay tuned for photos of this in the New Year. This period and the Mutineer period are having a renaissance (bad joke) as ther seem to be lots of very nice figures coming out, the new stuff from TAG (very nice figures but slowwww service) and a new range from Artizan. I have loads of TAG, bought 40 of the new Artizan figures and 10 packs of the Old Glory range. Should be a good year to game in 2010.

Black Powder and a last Hurrah from the Sudan

Had my last game with my Sudan collection last night as I have sold it to my good mate Nathan Vinson as I needed some ready cash for other project (but I have bought an even larger lot of Sudan metal to replace it). The game last night was against Mark Piper who palyed the British Imperialist and myself playing the poor and misunderstood Beja. The battle was el Teb using the new rules from Warlord Games 'Black Powder' and I must say we had a cracking game which was over in 4 full moves (about 3 and half hours). The rules are fast fun and seem to give the flavour of the colonial period, not sure how they will work for Napoleonics but I will try them with my Wellington in India project. Highlights of the game for me, the breaking of a Highlander line with a Beja unit and the capture of a Gardiner gun however despite these valiant efforts I got my butt kicked but and this is the most important for me it was fast, fun and furious (perhaps not for the more rule inclined lawyers). Cheers Scott

Indian Mutiny figures

Finally, finally I have taken some photos of my Indian Mutiny figures that I have finished painting around 6 months ago. I will be getting back to this project with a vengance in the New Year as I have to have it ready for Gerry Webb's Muster in the first quarter of 2010. The figures are all Old Glory and paint up very nicely with the Army Painter (not the best I can do but 4 to 5 quicker). I see that period is having a renaissance at the moment with some very nice games on the web from the UK and the tasty new options from Mutineer Miniatures. One thing that is worrying me over the last few years are the very nice but over priced figures coming from small UK manufacturers, Musketeer and Mutineer come to mind. I know that it is hard to make a liveable profit from figure making companies (I had Elite Miniatures here in Australia) but charging 1.50 pounds for a figure is a bit rich. The Old Glory range of Mutineer figures are fantastic and only cost me $30 a pack Australian to my door with Old Glory Army discount. Some British and Sikh loyalist troops next. Cheers Scott

Monday, December 07, 2009

A good mate

Hi guys finally getting around to doing some posting on the Blog. I know that I have been very slack but this last few months have been busy and emotional with the death of a very good friend and inspirational gaming buddy. Those Australian gamers who knew Kevin Jowett from 'Battleline Scenics' do not have to be told that he was a great guy who loved everything about the hobby and after a game (or during) a good beer or wine. Kev was a man who just grabbed hold of his hobby and pushed it the limits, I would talk to Kev about a period or range of figures and a few days later he would ring and tell me he had bought another painted army or got another range of figures in stock. Just last week I unpacked a load of Wargames Foundry blisters (SYW and FPW) which Kev had ordered for himself and other customers. Kev will be missed and it is a great pity that I only got to know the man 4 years ago because he was as they say just a good bloke. See ya mate and I hope you are still pushing the lead around the table.