Monday, December 07, 2009

A good mate

Hi guys finally getting around to doing some posting on the Blog. I know that I have been very slack but this last few months have been busy and emotional with the death of a very good friend and inspirational gaming buddy. Those Australian gamers who knew Kevin Jowett from 'Battleline Scenics' do not have to be told that he was a great guy who loved everything about the hobby and after a game (or during) a good beer or wine. Kev was a man who just grabbed hold of his hobby and pushed it the limits, I would talk to Kev about a period or range of figures and a few days later he would ring and tell me he had bought another painted army or got another range of figures in stock. Just last week I unpacked a load of Wargames Foundry blisters (SYW and FPW) which Kev had ordered for himself and other customers. Kev will be missed and it is a great pity that I only got to know the man 4 years ago because he was as they say just a good bloke. See ya mate and I hope you are still pushing the lead around the table.


Anonymous said...

I only got to know kevin last year over the phone (mail order from here in Victoria) and was looking forward to meeting him in person at Cancon this year. Always helpful and informative, he will be sorely missed in the gaming community and of course our thoughts go out to his family. I'm 52 myself, so Kevin's untimely passing at 44 reminds us all again to "seize the day" while we have such.

Scott Robertson said...

Sad but true,Carpe Diem is my new maxium. Kev was a fireman for 23 years and to think about all the dangerous situations he had been through and then to pass away like that is very sad. I for one will be doing my best to finish the projects that we started together (I will have to do both sides), 40mm AWI, 28mm Mexican American War and I just got him interested in 25mm (Foundry) Maximillian in Mexico. Thanks for kind words, Kev's family has appreciated the support of gamers here in Australia and overseas. The guys from 1st Corps in the UK sent some lovely flowers to Chris when they heard, very nice touch especially since they had only meet Kev through their dealings with him as a distributor. I think that Battleine Scenics will still attend Cancon as I have promised Chris to help out on one last show (a last Hurrah). Cheers Scott

Vinnie said...


Great words mate. I hope he is still pushing the metal and rolling the dice as well. I called Kris just the other day to let her know that I will drop in and see them as I pass through and also that I will help out at CANCON with you guys if required.

Also good to see your blogging again old timer.


Tank Girl said...

Lovely words Scott. I didn't know Kev, but I'm sure he was a true mate.

I too have 40 mm AWI which I'm looking at painting very soon.

I may see you at Cancon.


Scott Robertson said...

Thanks Helen, you would have liked him as he was such a keen gamer with a live life to the fullest side to him. I will see you at Cancon as Chris and I will take Kevin's Batteline Scenics down for one last Hurrah. Drop by a say hello as I haven't seen you since I came back from Norway. Cheers Scott