Thursday, December 17, 2009

Indian Mutiny figures

Finally, finally I have taken some photos of my Indian Mutiny figures that I have finished painting around 6 months ago. I will be getting back to this project with a vengance in the New Year as I have to have it ready for Gerry Webb's Muster in the first quarter of 2010. The figures are all Old Glory and paint up very nicely with the Army Painter (not the best I can do but 4 to 5 quicker). I see that period is having a renaissance at the moment with some very nice games on the web from the UK and the tasty new options from Mutineer Miniatures. One thing that is worrying me over the last few years are the very nice but over priced figures coming from small UK manufacturers, Musketeer and Mutineer come to mind. I know that it is hard to make a liveable profit from figure making companies (I had Elite Miniatures here in Australia) but charging 1.50 pounds for a figure is a bit rich. The Old Glory range of Mutineer figures are fantastic and only cost me $30 a pack Australian to my door with Old Glory Army discount. Some British and Sikh loyalist troops next. Cheers Scott

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