Thursday, December 17, 2009

Black Powder and a last Hurrah from the Sudan

Had my last game with my Sudan collection last night as I have sold it to my good mate Nathan Vinson as I needed some ready cash for other project (but I have bought an even larger lot of Sudan metal to replace it). The game last night was against Mark Piper who palyed the British Imperialist and myself playing the poor and misunderstood Beja. The battle was el Teb using the new rules from Warlord Games 'Black Powder' and I must say we had a cracking game which was over in 4 full moves (about 3 and half hours). The rules are fast fun and seem to give the flavour of the colonial period, not sure how they will work for Napoleonics but I will try them with my Wellington in India project. Highlights of the game for me, the breaking of a Highlander line with a Beja unit and the capture of a Gardiner gun however despite these valiant efforts I got my butt kicked but and this is the most important for me it was fast, fun and furious (perhaps not for the more rule inclined lawyers). Cheers Scott

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Craig Welter said...

That's a nice looking game! I'm looking forward to trying out a game of Black Powder. It sounds really fun.