Thursday, July 13, 2006

Redoubt's ECW/Three Musketeers Coach

Just started making the ECW coach that I got from Redoubt Miniatures last month. This is a very large kit with loads of detail and I can truly say worth every cent (20 pounds actually). The model comes with 4 horses, 2 crew and a gentleman and lady. I plan to paint the coach in red with palomino coloured horses and will form the basis of a scenario that I am writing for my Eastern WECW adaption. Whilst on the subject of WECW, those of you who have downloaded the lists etc., may have to send any e-mailsto me again as the link I gave seems not to have worked. I am sorry for this guys and will make it up to you all who have taken time out to drop me a line. Once again my e-mail is
We are going to start a 4000 point a side campaign in the next few weeks using the system that I adapted from the WAB El Cid supplement, I will report the campaign on this site. I hope to have 6 players using the following armies; Polish, Swedish, Austrian, Ottoman, Cossack and Transylvanian or Brandenburg. I haven't painted enough Muscovites yet so I will be using my Cossack whose only nemisis so far has proven to be the hard Swedish army, we will see.
To set the scene for the campaign I give you a painting of the doomed but proud Polish Hussars as they march against the valient freedom fighters of the Ukraine, the Cossacks (lets hope the campaign goes this way).

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