Sunday, June 25, 2006

Turn 2
The Tartars in the village attack the Ottoman tartars to their front. Cossack foot unit on the left gave the Delis to their front a volley at long range and failed to hit a single figure but the neighbouring managed to kill three figures. The Tartars on the right flank kill another Spahi and two Akinjis. The guns on the right fire and kill one Kapikulu but the medium gun manages to blow the head of one of the crew who got in the way (misfire roll of 5). The Tartars in the centre fight viciously and the Cossack allies manage to kill two whilst suffering one in return (he rolled 4x5,6 to save his men) and the Ottomans also passed their leadership test.

The Delis fail their rash test and charge the foot unit to their front, 39 Cossacks and Orthodox Bishop (rules from the El Cid supplement). The Cossacks Tartars are charged by the entire Ottoman left flank and withdraw but this means the Tartar heavies are struck by a Spahi unit whilst stationary (big trouble). Ottoman guns once again target the same Cossack unit and kill four more heroes. The Delis are bounced by the Cossack foot and lose two figures and the Cossack unit pursues but fail to catch them (Cossack with the Bishop are subject to hatred). The Tartar nobles actually manage to beat the Ottoman Spahis and despite the nearby presence of their general they fail their test and are caught and destroyed but the rest of the Ottoman flank holds firm under the glare of their leader. The combat in the village between the two Tartar forces goes the way of the Ottomans but the Cossack allies just manage to hold (rolled a 6 for morale).

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