Sunday, June 18, 2006

I know that in the last month I have shown nothing but Eastern Renaissance but I am also a very keen ancients gamer (probably my main love). I and my gaming partners use WAB they are not perfect but they are fun and encourage well painted armies. These pictures are from a convention put on by Gerry Webb of 'Castaway Arts', in Brisbane over the Easter weekend. The battle played was Gaza 312 BC when the army of Demetrius was routed by that of Ptolemy and his ally Seleucus. The game was put on by my good friend Nathan Vinson who now owns and runs 'Elite Miniatures Australia'. Nathan and I originally brought the moulds and license in 1996 but university here and in Norway forced me to sell my share (Leroy Simpson was also owner and partner at one time, long story here). The armies used in the display come from my collection and that of Nathan's (I have more painted and unpainted). The terrain was done by Nathan and he used the trial Successor army lists from the forthcoming WAB 'Successor' supplement done by Jeff Jonas. I had been lucky enough to be invited to help with some of this supplement (early Successors), when it is published I feel it will be the best so far as Jeff and his Yahoo group have done a tremendous job.

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