Sunday, June 25, 2006

Saturdays game: Cossacks versus Ottomans

Hey guys here a some pictures from Saturdays Game: Surprise Attack Ukraine 1661.
The top one shows the full Cossack Tabor of 8 wagons 40 foot and 2 medium guns with 8 crew. The bottom one shows the Cossack line stretching into the distance.

The quality of some of the pictures are not the best (too excited whilst taking them into the sun).

Ottoman forces 6450 points
Cossacks 6400 points (200 foot, 4 guns and 136 cavalry)

Turn 1: Pre-Turn moves
The Cossacks had deployed first and launched a surprise attack on the Ottoman army who were still trying to get their unruly forces into formation. On the right flank a regimented Cossack unit of pike and shot moved up to secure the right flank of the small village, on the left a Cossack unit moved out of line and advanced towards the enemy.

Skirmishers of both sides (4 inches) and Nomadic style cavalry (Tartars 16 inches) get a free move and then the Cossack line advanced. The Tartars on the right flank fire at their traitorous brethren and kill one whilst the other unit to their left kill one of the heavily armoured Spahi. The medium gun fires at the line of Delis approaching but the fire goes over and fails to hit the huge column of Spihis behind them.

The whole line of Ottomans have finally gotten into some type of order and advance towards the Cossacks but their surprise attack has meant several pieces of vital terrain have already been taken whilst the Ottomans got slowly out of bed. The Ottoman rabble on their left loose of a volley at the Cossack tartar allies and kill one. The two units of Spahis on the left fail to hit any of the flighty cavalry to their front and in the centre the Ottoman Tartar kill one of their erstwhile brethren. The Tartars on the right target the regimented Cossack unit yet only kill one with their hail of arrows. Three Ottomans guns on their right target a large Cossack foot unit of 40 men and kill 5 brave heroes, they test for artillery fire and pass easily (so they should).

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Jay said...

Very impressive. It is always great to see such HUGE armies stand across from eachother. Very nice terrain as well.

Looking forward to seeing some army lists.