Sunday, June 18, 2006

Got to met the man behind the Blog 'Realistic Miniatures', Mark Temple yesterday (16-06 we had briefly met about 4 years ago), see Mark has a beautiful house in the Sunshine Coast hinterland just below the Mountville ranges. He has been collecting for many years and it was good to meet someone nearby who is as mad about the hobby as I am, but Mark has a mountain of painted and unpainted metal that puts me to shame. His Front Rank French SYW army is very large and a joy to look at, as is his ACW army (Dixon Miniatures). Mark has a very large shed that he uses for gaming and has a 12x6 foot table set up at the moment and he hopes to lengthen this to 24 feet (look forward to that)! Mark and I hope to have a game in the next few weeks, it will be set in the Deluge period (1655-60) with Swedes versus the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Mark is currently very interested in the ECW and he has loads of Bicorne and Renegade ready to go, so these along with my Swedes will be battling the proud and couragous Poles. I will post the games photos when we play but next week my Cossacks will put to flight the Ottoman Turk army that has had the temerity to invaded the sacred Ukraine (6,500 points a side), see you then.

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