Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tartar heavy cavalry from Essex Miniatures on 1st Corps Miniatures horses. The Tartars are very useful figures for many armies during the 1640's-1680's, so you should paint some to use whenever they change their allegience (which was often). They fought for the Cossacks during the early years of their rebellion against the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1648-54), they of course were vassals of the Ottomans and are almost always present in their army, they fought for the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth against the Swedish and Brandenburg forces during the Deluge period (1655-60). The cavalry above are heavies based upon references in the Polish and Muscovite Osprey volumes. The contemporary painting shows a type of Tartar cavalry with small wings fighting for their Polish allies, they very nearly captured the Swedish King Karl X and could have ended the war at a single stroke. Redoubt Miniatures do a pack of 5 large single wings that could be cut down to represent this Tartar type and I will post these when I finish painting them.

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