Saturday, May 10, 2014

Freemans Farm 40mm AWI

Hey guys Mark Piper and I played a small AWI Regimental Fire and fury game Thursday night. The rules using the play sheet downloaded from the forum played very quickly and smoothly and seemed to make sense throughout. I have played British Grenadier before and I must say that RFF seemed to give the same flvour and feel and I look forward to more games using our combined 40mm collection. Mark owns the Continentals and I own the British, both sides bought for a very price from thatperennial pusher of lead Andrew Parr. Mark and I have lots of unpainted figures so eventually we can do some very large games.
The figures are on very large bases which Andrew used and we like the look of them and will not change the size. Thebases equate to two RFF bases and reepresent 40 men per base.






Vinnie said...

Great looking table old fruit. You and Mark have played some very nice games. Who won on the day?

Scott Robertson said...

British crossed the objective but we were just trying the rules out really.

ozwarrior61 said...

Hi Scott, I wanted to tag this game whilst overseas but couldn't get it to work.
Anyway great game, let me know when your next ones on and if I can I would love to have a go.
Mark T