Saturday, May 24, 2014

Force on Force

Mark and I played our first game of Force on Force Thursday night using his great terrain and figure collection. The scenario was based upon the scene in the movie 'Black Hawk Down' where the young American private falls from the helicopter when avoiding an RPG round.

The game starts with two American 5 man infantry squads and one 2 man M60 team trying to get the injured soldier off the table. The Somali Militia reinforcements are randomly rolled for and come on in random positions but can move very fast when out of sight of the American.

The game played quickly once we got used to the turn sequence and did not go well for the small US force who suffered serious casualties. I look forward to playing the other scenarios in the FOF 'Day of the Rangers' book.

     US private falls out of the Black Hawk

     Somali on board forces and reinforcements

    Whilst out of sight of regular troops the Somali militia can move very fast

     The US squads split and and everything goes pearshaped very quickly

   The Somali militia what to unleash a crossfire

    Two squads of militia kill one soldier and wound the other four

     Great game and lots of fun.

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