Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fow desert raid

Mark and I played a fantastic desert raid with his 20mm collection at the club several weeks ago and I show it here for your enjoyment. The photos are not that clear due to the lighting in the hall but the game was so much fun not to show. 

Text and photos by Mark Piper

The German controlled airfield started the game without defenders but with 5 objectives to be destroyed by the LRDG (me).  In turn 1 the LRDG advanced onto the airfield started shooting up the 3 aircraft & 2 small buildings.  No German reinforcements.


Turn 1-3 LRDG successfully destroyed the objectives and started to pull back.  German received 2 Sdkfz 222 armoured cars who caught the tail of one LRDG patrol causing a vehicle to bail out and effectively slowing the whole unit.  German (Scott) roll for darkness (I had nominated raiding at dusk) and down went the sign (max 8’ move & roll for observation).


Turns 4-14 LRDG slowed by moving at night managed to get 1 unit and the HQ off but the Germans managed to trap one patrol in the corner of the table on 3 sides ! eventually wiping it out.


Great game – played well.


DeanM said...

Great looking terrain and models.

Phil said...

Amazing pictures, this terrain is terrific!

Scott Robertson said...

Terrain boards are from Andrew Parr in Sydney but everything else Mark has added himself. Thanks for the kind words.

Vinnie said...

Outstanding game