Thursday, January 17, 2008

Austrian and Brandenburg Command stands

I thought I might post photos of two command stands that I painted as Christmas presents for Kevin and James Jowett as I didn't have time to photograph them before they came over for Christmas dinner (Austrian stand with yellow and orange flag). Kevin has a very large Austrian army for the TYW and Deluge period (Old Glory which you will see later) so I thought a command stand would be a good present (bit more personal). The figures for the Austrian stand are all Essex Miniatures and the flag was a black and white printout/photocopy which I then outlined with a good black pen and then painted. The outline with a good soft point pen helps the paint stay within the lines and is much easier than the handdrawn masterpieces of the League of Augsburg (they draw and paint on cloth which is beyond my skills).

James who is Kevin's 15 year old son (and also an ex history student of mine) is a very keen historical gamer who has a large painted Brandenburg army (mostly Renegade and Bicorne). The Brandenburg stand used Essex Miniatures for the cavalry escort but the Brandenburg Elector is a Redoubt figure. The figures all have had head swops and the head of the Elector was modelled with green stuff to look like engravings and paintings from the period.

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Neil said...

Realy like the round command base. Putting the flag with the commander realy makes him stand out as it should be.