Thursday, January 17, 2008

50mm x 50mm basing

Some guys have been asking why and how I base my figures on 50mm x 50mm GW bases. The main reason was because I felt they looked good and the larger base gave me more room to add terrain and other bits to the base. Another important factor is transport, these figures are protected on the larger base and as a gamer who has brought back to Australia large collections by sea and air from several years in the UK and Norway they do work. The 50mm base with 5 foot figures does upset some because the frontage is not right (20mm per figure), as we started off playing WECW. However the photo here shows how a unit of 20, 40 or 60 would have a frontage of 20mm each and keeps the Warhammer crowd happy. Basically you alternate 2,3,2,3 on you base (1st and second rank), couldn't be easier.

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