Thursday, January 17, 2008

1644 Game

Had a 1644 game yesterday against Kevin's Austrians that was fun but left me a bit flat in regards the rules, especially the outcomes of cavalry and infantry melees which I felt lasted way too long and were not very decisive. Here are some photos of the game, I finally got to use my newly painted Muscovite army (more to paint) and as usual the favourite unit (Jiltsi lancers) was destroyed the very first game. The game was 1500 points a side with a free general and 2 wing commanders. I had 100 infantry (5 regiments of 20), 144 cavalry and 4 guns whilst Kevin from memory had 120 infantry (3 regiments of 40), 20 dismounted dragoons, 12 grenzers, 5 guns and around 100 cavalry (around 60 cuirrassiers). Kevin used the lAustrian/Imperial list from the new 1644 rulebook and I used the 1644 Muscovite list that I wrote and are on this site (might need tweaking). Hope you enjoy the photos, Kevin's Austrian look very impressive (he has painted them all in the last year or so).


Steve said...

..fantastic! Interested in your thoughts on the 1644 rules, and why you moved on from WhECW??

Scott Robertson said...

Hey Steve, I am not sold on the 1644 rules to tell you the truth. The main problem I have is with their combats they seem to drag on and on and do deliver a comprehensive result. We moved on from WECW because we play big games and they just got too complex. If you have a look at my lists you will see that I put in lots of work to try and adapt and fix WECW but the real problem was that the rules need to be rewritten completly. Still looking for a set that I like and my group we play, I am very, very keen on PK and the Anchor of Faith supplement. Cheers Scott

Vinnie said...

Great work again. Always good to see pictures of your games love them. I also see the that the old Elite Miniatures Cossacks got a run - how did they go? I have put my next unit of Ansar up on my blog.

Cheers Vinnie

NEIL said...

Can i just say damn you sir. After reading your Blog and looking at the pictures i'm now going to have to go and get some eastern troops for myself.
I'm leaning towards Ottomen, but winged hussar's just look so nice.

Neil said...

Damn you again. I've just checked out the assult group site and they have some very nice stuff.