Monday, February 12, 2007

Figure musings

Haven't posted in nearly a week, I was hoping to review the two cavalry unit packs that I ordered from TAG nearly a month ago. I know the UK is on the other side of the world but other figure and book companies always seem to get my order to me very quickly and Caliver Books even has postage free on miniatures over 16 pounds. I won't email TAG yet as I know they have my order but it is annoying and I do plan to spend around 400 pounds or even more with them this year if they can ever get their site fixed. Anyway, better news is that Essex Miniatures have redesigned their Polish and Cossack range over the last year and I have sent for some samples which I will post here when I receive them. I have ordered a load of Hussars (with single and double wings), dragoons, rajtars and personalities from the Polish range and characters and Jiltsi lancers from the Cossack range as well as some Tartars. The Jiltsi lancers should have been in the Muscovite range as they were an elite formation using gilded dragon lances and swan wings, I hope they are modelled like that. I have spent a little bit more than normal these last weeks after getting a full time position yet I am still waiting for everything which is a little frustrating, flags from Caliver (LBM Studios), flags from Vaubeneer (just ordered these though), figures from TAG and Essex Miniatures. Hope these all arrive very soon, as 4 units of Muscovite cavalry need some standards for the game on Saturday where I get to use my fort for the first time. Picture is a Turkish Spahi waiting to charge those infidel Poles. Cheers Scott

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