Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Delis and Jannissaries arrive

Here are some more of the fantastic water colours from Germany, Delis and some great looking Jannissaries. I have been slow during the last few weeks in putting up new pictures of painted stuff but please stay with me as I have just started my brand new career as a high school teacher and have found it takes up more time than everyone thinks (but looking forward to those long holidays). I have however finished the last of 4x12 man Muscovite cavalry regiments and I will post photos when I recieve the flags from Caliver Books (LBM Studios). I have used the Byzantine flags because after seeing many of the Muscovite/Russian flags at the Swedish Army museum I feel that they are very close and ideal for the Noble levy regiments of cavalry. I have 2x12 Old Glory cavalry regiments on the table and I am also waiting for TAG to release their large Muscovite range which has been waiting for moulding/release for over a year (will buy 2x12 man cavalry units). Talking about TAG, I ordered 2x12 man cavalry unit packs about 3 weeks ago and have yet to recieve them, from talk on the TMP site this seems to be the norm. They are postage free worldwide and I will only start to panic after another week of waiting. They are updating their site once again (third time in the last few years), and promise to have all the many problems sorted out. I for one plan to be ordering lots of unit packs this year, so I hope the site update is a great improvement. Finally Maximillian from Germany has come up with the idea and example of a specific mercenary list that most of the armies can access. This is a great idea, much like the one in Shieldwall and when I have time I will tweek these a little more, which will also help make the lists more managable. I think in the next month I will post everything that I have done so far without pictures so that it is easier to download. To finish for those that are interested in the period I recommend joining the American Renaissance society run by Rich Knapton(Yahoo site as well). Richard produces a great magazine roughly 4 times a year, the last one concentrates upon the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth (some stuff there by yours truly). Cheers Scott

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