Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cossacks and Muscovites versus Poles game

Had my first game in over a month on Saturday. We played a relief game where two columns of Poles had to advance and relieve a fort that was being besieged by a large Cossack and Muscovite force (circa 1656). I played the Cossacks and Muscovites whilst Kevin and his son James (15) led each of the Polish columns, Kevin's brother was in charge of the small force holding the fort but they did have 2 mortars that did soooooo much damage to my forces.
The fort is a heavily modified 20mm plastic kit from the Russian company Zvelda (something like that). I placed the fort on a MDF base and built up the earth parapets with foam. The walls were widened with scribed balsa so that 40mm bases can be placed on them. The fort cost 30 dollars Australian when I bought it about 18 months ago but since then I have seen them for a lot more, which is a great pity as I want 1 more to make it large enough for a great siege game.
The picture on the left shows the view from the fort as the 2 columns advance but are seperated by an impassable section of forest. The table is 12x6 feet and if you look closely you can see that Kevin has added a small section around the edge which he has painted to look like hills, forests and the sky, which is pretty cool and it means that your figures will never get knocked off the table.

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