Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Muskets and tomahawks

Couple of pictures from last Thursdays Muskets and Tomahawks game. Great game which ended in a British victory. Mark and his French had to burn the buildings whilst I had to kill 2/3rds of his force. Damn buildings took awhile to light up but I had trounced the Frogs before they had achieved their objectives. Sorry about photo quality, night photos with the IPad can be difficult (I find it so).

French had to burn the three buildings.


My Indians advanced across the open ground and hot hammered. Much more comfortable in the woods.


                                           Rogers Rangers.


DeanM said...

Nice looking game - the Rangers look great!

Scott Robertson said...

I am liking this gaming system the more I play it. I know it is done by the same guys who do Saga but it is a much more enjoyable game, Saga just leaves me a little cold and bored.

Vinnie said...

Great looking game Scott old Buddy. I am looking forward to playing a bit of M&T next year.

All the best