Friday, October 04, 2013

Cold War progress

I have started a Cold War 20mm project that I have been wanting to do since the early 90s. I am using Pre painted vehicles and aircraft, resin models and metal figures. 

Some of my work in progress, I have yet to start painting the infantry. I have yet to start weathering the vehicles and I have loads of stowage coming from Black Dog which I will add in addition to camoflague nets etc.

                                                      Pre painted Hips

                                                        Pre Painted Hinds

                                                          Pre Painted Apaches

                                                        Pre Painted A10 Warthogs

                       Resin West German Marders (painted my Matt Williamson and tarted up by me)

      West German plastic Revell wheeled APCs ( painted by mate Williamsom and tarted up by me)

                                     One company of Pre Painted BTR 80s

                                                    Support platoon BTR 80s

                                              Pre Painted T80/90s ( I have 20)

                                                           Bradley's (I have 6)

                                                           Bradleys (I have 6)

                                                       M1 Abrams (I have 7)

                                                     Challenger Is (I have 8)


DeanM said...

Impressive amount of Modern armor and aircraft. I think 20mm is perfect for this venture.

Scott Robertson said...

Thanks Dean I thought about 15mm but I do love 20mm. I play a lot of 20mm FOW WWII and will use a variant for the Cold War gaming as well as using Command Devision with some other gaming buddies.

Kez Faz said...

Looking nice mate

Scott Robertson said...

Cheers mate. The project will a long term one as I need to alternate between this and the Arab-Israeli project

Vinnie said...

Hmm very impressive mister Robertson...looks great

Scott Robertson said...

Cheers Nathan, lots of work to go. Just received a load of resin baggage pieces for the Pommie and Yank vehicles today.