Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Weekend game

Nathan Vinson of Elite Miniatures Australia at the first Easter Muster 4 years ago

Haven't posted anything for the last month, combination of new baby, school and just being plain tired (a little baby is hard work). Today is Friday and I am putting the final touches to the terrain and some figures that I will be using over the weekend at the Easter Muster. I didn't finish all the figures that I wanted but there will be over 500 28mm figures on the board so it should look alright. I have finished a 12x2 foot section of river which will represent the Nile and Mark Temple has lent me a superb scratch built paddle steamer that will be protecting the flank of the British column and hopefully get to the fort before it falls to the Mahdi. The whole set is 12x7 foot and has loads of terrain for the Mahdi to hide in and suprise the British. We will be using 'Science versus Pluck' and I will be using a Freekriegspilling appraoch on both days. I will post loads of photos of the game and other demos from the weekend next week. Cheers Scott

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