Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They're here: or Indian Mutiny

Got my 30 packs of Old Glory yesterday and sat down and organised them all into their respective units. I have cleaned up 40 Mutineers (enough for 16 bases) and have started to paint them already, I will post photos of the first unit on the weekend. I have used a white undercoat and block painted the colours, used a brush to apply Army Painter (Strong tone), Matt sprayed this after 12 hours drying and then highlighted belts, rifle slings, shoes and headgear. They are looking pretty swell and the Old Glory Mutiny range is a joy to paint. I know some Old Glory ranges are average but this range and the Eastern Renaissance range are some of their best work and 30 packs for 30 bucks Australian is not to be sneezed at. I still think that the cavalry need work though, I tend to add a saddle cloth of greenstuff to ensure the figure sits properly upon the back of the horse.

For those who are wondering about the Deluge, fear not I have been busy painting Swedish cavalry and have finished 16 so far this week and have undercoated another 48 which are in various stages of painting, will post photos after I have finished the lot (including basing them. I use Bicorne, Renegade, TAG and Redoubt Miniatures in my collection as I love the larger figure, the first 3 ranges are all designed by Nick Collier who has just gotten better and better. The purpose of this ramble is to tell you all that Renegade UK are selling Nick Collier designed ECW (TYW) regiment packs of 24 infantry or 9 cavalry for the bargain price of 12 pounds (buy some). Back to painting

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