Saturday, January 17, 2009

Deluge game: Victory without Quarter

Finally had a game set in the Deluge period on Wednesday. Mark Temple came over with with 4 units of cavalry and a couple of guns. The rules used were Clarence Harrison's 'Victory without Quarter' (Quindia Studios), with a few extra modifications to cover some of the different Eastern troop types (bow, lance etc.). The Poles had 4 brigades and the Swedes had 3, so they were easier to control. I must say that they were very easy and enabled us to finish a large game in 4 hours (with chatting and coffee in between). I like these rules and will continue to play them when we all get together but I am looking at Piquet's 'Anchor of Faith' which need proper army lists for Eastern Europe. The new army lists are being done in the style of 'Band of Brothers' and I have taken the ideas from the 'Pike and Plunder'Blog (fantastic site on the Italian Wars). I will post some of these in the near future, so if you are interested leave a comment on the site. Cheers Scott


Bluewillow said...

sweet pictures mate, where did you get the pennants for the winged hussars? I have seen some for 15mm but not for 28mm.


Scott Robertson said...

Thanks mate, I drew the pennants and then hand painted them however when you are ready I have some really nice ones done as a word document which were sent to me by a gamer in the UK. Cheers Scott

Warrior Pole said...

Hey Scott,
Looks like the rules worked really well, where did you get them?

Scott Robertson said...

Warrior Pole I got the rules from Clarence at Quindia Studios
Send him an email and he will send them to you when he has time, failing that I can send you a copy which I am sure Clarence wouldn't mind. My email address is in the first post. Cheers Scott

Warrior Pole said...


I didn't get a response from Clarence, could you e-mail me the copy of the rules to: ?

Thanks, and keep up the good work on the blog! It's quite the inspiration!

Scott Robertson said...

Warrior Pole, I sent you a copy of the rules, did you get them? Cheers Scott

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,
Nice blog and report !
Newbie to the ECW period and interested for the VwQ rules, I also didn't get a response from Clarence, could you e-mail me the copy of the rules to:
Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,

Is it possible for you to post your ideas for the Eastern European conversion. I have played the rules, but am looking at doing the same thing with trying to expand them.