Sunday, March 04, 2007

Figure Musings part 2

The last week and half has been a good one for me with all of my overseas orders coming one after the other. I finally recieved the two unit packs from TAG after nearly 5 weeks. I had ordered them nearly a month before but I became worried as I had not recieved them, I then emailed Pete who said that that was way too long and he quickly resent the package no questions asked. So great service from TAG and I have already ordered another two cavalry unitg packs. The figures are fantastic and the detail on the Ottoman Spahis makes me want to start painting my Ottomans straight away. They have finally redone thier website and it is great and easy to use, see it at

I also recieved a package from Essex Miniatures with some of their redesigned Poles and Cossacks. The Hussars are nice but not that exciting, I got enough to do two units of 8 figures, one with two wings and the other with one. The very exciting thing for me was the Jiltsi lancers that are for some reason listed in the Cossack range. These lancers were an elite unit in the Muscovite army and are a painters dream. They are in a deep red kaftan edged in gold with two white swan wings attached to their back and carrying blue and yellow lance (which should have a small dragon on the end of it). The photos above show the Essex figure on an Old Glory horse with Redoubt pistol holsters.
I also recieved the flags from LBM studios, which are fantastic and I have managed to track down an Australian distributor who sells these for a very decent price. The distributor is in Melbourne and his name is Michael Cope, if anyone is interested I can probably put his email here if he doesn't object? I also recieved some Swedish and Russian flags from Vaubner studios in Canada, these are for my next planned project the GNW but I can use some of them for the Deluge period at a pinch.


Mike Sweeting said...

Thanks for the tip about Essex. I'd given up on them. Jiltsi are what I need too! In fact just phoned TAG and asked them to have a go at producing these.

TAG website excellent - except that their competitively priced 'Unit Builders' are not described either by number of figures or content!

Scott Robertson said...

Mike the TAG unit builders in my experince have all the varients that are available in the packs of four. Living in Australia I find these unit packs excellent value for money as they are also post free. The unit packs contain 12 cavalry and horses for 24.95 and the infantry have 24 figures for 19.95. I have also talked to TAG about Jiltsi lancers as well but I think the TYW project is next. The Essex ones paint up very well and are a good sculpt, I am in the process of finishing my unit of 10 and I will place these on the site ASAP. Cheers Scott