Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Year

Hey guys, it has been nearly 2 months since I last posted on the site. We finally got back from our 7 week trip, we both had a ball and enjoyed many highlights. The highlights for me regards gaming and history have to be the Pergamon museum in Berlin and the great Swedish Armee Museum in Stockholm. I got lots of good stuff for the period of Karl X from my trip to Stockholm; books, photos and information on flags captured in Poland during 1655/60. I have been busy looking over the army lists as well in the last 2 days and I have attempted to come up with a better model for choosing an army. Maximillian in Germany has come up with some very good ideas which I have attempted to include, such as different rules for Mercenaries, Reliable and reluctant allies etc. So far I have 5 different Polish lists; 1623-47, 1648-54, 1655-60, Rebels 1656-57 and 1661-73, I think this way the different armies can be presented in a way that reflects what was actually present. I will need help to play test these lists, so if you are interested and have access to armies drop me a line. To finish today I post 2 pictures of a Swedish pike formation from the TYW period at the Swedish Armee museum (scale is 1\5th).

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You mentioned that you obtained books, photos and info on captured flags at the Armemuseum in Stockholm on the wars of Katl X Gustav. Would you be willing to share the book titles and flag info?


dan (at) northernwars (dot) com