Monday, January 22, 2007

Friday Game

Had a 5500 a side game on Friday, my Cossacks versus Michael and Robert using Bob's Ottomans. Apart from the game I was interested in how the lists and new/additional rules played, especially as Michael always seems to have a very good perspective on rule systems (methodical). I won't say much about the game except it was very close and my Cossack's went down to the Ottoman assualt, losing the army commander and standard bearer as well as numerous other units (all my best ones). Bob was pretty excited as it was his first victory over me in any system since 2002, I blame my damned Brotherhood unit who went chasing after a fleeing unit and then were smashed by 3 Ottoman cavalry units, live and learn I should have taken more infantry. Anyway the rule corrections/additions that came out of the game for us were the following:
1. Toughness, I have always hated how veteran units are a toughness of 4, it changes the of the whole feel and fairness of the game. We agreed that the only unts to have a toughness of 4 will be Elites, rare and expensive (Winged Hussars etc.).
2. Rash, this rule is a bit harsh as units have to charge any unit be it foot ot horse in charge range, we changed this to a D6 roll, a 1-2 means they have to advance (instead of a D6 roll of 1) and if any enemy are in charge range they have to charge on this roll (a 33% chance of charging off out of complete control instead of the 100% chance previuosly).

3. Artillery, need to be able to cause some damage to buildings, earthworks and tabors. We have never been able to find how many wounds a cannon makes so our group decided to use the following template; a light gun will cause D3 wounds, a medium gun will cause D3 plus 1 and a heavy gun will cause D3 plus 2. Now a gun especially a heavy piece has the potential to destroy a wagon in a tabor with one hit.

I gave the others the new army lists to peruse and provide suggestions but the initial opinions seem to be very positive. I will post these if there is any interest, as I have been away there doesn't seem to be much action on the site, so if you want them posted leave a comment or email me. So far there are a total of 15 lists that will enable players to fight armies from 1623 up until 1673; they are 5 Polish, 1 Cossack, 2 Swedish, 1 Brandenburg, 2 Austrian, 1 Danish, 1 Transylvanian, 1 Muscovite and 1 Ottoman. Each of the lists has varients built into it, such as different allies etc. for different periods. It is now much easier for a novice to actually pick an army, one that seems to be historical (seems as many of us have different views upon what is right etc.).

Any way guys I leave you with a picture of a fantastic and very large statue of Karl X that stands on the street about 150 metres from the entrance to the Wasa museum in Stockholm. The staue has many of the major battles inscribed on the base and I was a very happy chap when I finally found it. Cheers Scott


Jay said...

I would love for you to post these or email a link drferling -at- gmail -dott- com

I am in the process of collecting and painting the figures necessary to play and any kind of army lists, background etc. would be terrific.

Scott Robertson said...

Hey there Jay, I have posted the lists as you requested. I hope you enjoy them , I think I will eventually post the complete and revised book on the site but remove all the pictures so it doesn't take so long to download. I ordered my first 2 unit packs from TAG last week (Pancerni and Shahis), looking forward to painting them and getting lots more. Cheers Scott

Anonymous said...

It would be good to see the lists, for myself, I work with Cavalry units of 10 figs, and infantry in multiples of 4 from 12 - 20 figs. Generally this is down to the way I have bought them, and of course the OG packs of 10 cavalry. Just finishing off a third Hussar Unit, TAG, rather nice and a second unit of Nobles, TAG light cav with a Foundry commander. Looks like we should have a game on 17 Feb, so will get back to you with a brief and some phots,
Tally Ho!


Scott Robertson said...

Hey Nick the lists are on the same link on the front page as the original rules. Your game in the UK sounds like it will be great one, have fun and send us some photos and I will put them on the site. Cheers Scott