Sunday, November 12, 2006

WECW changes for the New Year

I have played tested most of the Deluge WECW army lists and I feel that all (I hope) special rules and changes have been ironed out. In the New Year (mid to late January) I will put up the new and I hope final draft for everyone to enjoy but I have changed one major point that I feel is lacking in WAB and WECW. This point is that many armies I have seen used, whilst fitting into the army list percentages do not really show how the armies were organised in the real world. I have therefore decided to follow the WHFB model and one used in an early draft of the WAB Shieldwall supplement, armies will have a set access to Characters, Core units, Rare units and Special Units. This will be represented like this:

Army Size Characters Core Units Rare Units Special Units
below 1000pts 1 1 1 0
1000-1999pts 2 2 3 1
2000-2999pts 3 3 3 2
3000-3999pts 4 4 4 3
4000-4999pts 5 5 5 4
5000-5999pts 6 6 6 5

Over 6000 points the armies become too unwieldy and lack any real command and control, for the larger games I am thinking of adapting and using Warmaster Ancients.

Characters: The figures listed are the maximum of models drawn from this category.
Core Units: The figures listed are the minimum number of units drawn from this category.
Rare and Special Units: The figure listed are the maximum number of units drawn from this category.

Unit sizes: The minimum number of figures in a unit are 5 cavalry and 10 infantry.

What do you all think, as there are nealry 300 downloads of the lists I am sure that there are a lot of ideas we could all use in these lists and rules, so Please, Please if you have any ideas, recomendations etc. please e-mail at so that I can get them included in the new and I hope final draft.


Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of switching to a fantasy type allows for a much more historical structurization of forces while allowing people to build unique armies. Over Christmas break I plan to get my Swedes and Poles set up and start a few games.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott, Nick from the UK, I think that the Core unit system is important to keep the historical feel of the period, as the core units and size appear to change from 1600 onwards. At present sorting out my Pax Limpopo and 20mm plastic ACW, but have just got the last of my TAG hussars to paint then will be back in the Deluge mode! Happy Christmas,
Tally Ho!