Friday, November 10, 2006

Haven't posted for awhile

Polish right flank advances against the Swedes. Mark and I played this game a few weeks ago but because I am still on a soooo slow dial up conection I haven't had the time to post it. Mark and I are playing a 4000 point aside El Cid game Saturday 11-11 and I will finally get to use my new Monastary model. Some photos and I will update to broadband and a website in the new year. For those that have downloaded the WECW army lists, the Haiduks for the Poles are actually under Polish foot. I will be releasing all modifications and play tested adaptions in the New Year as well, so give me any feedback/changes etc. that you feel need to be there. Cheers Scott

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention of the Haiduks. No criticism implied: I'm still new to the terminology and definitions, etc. Thanks again for your immense hard work.