Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Projects for next year

I know that we still have 3 months left of this year but with my last 4 week teacher prac. quickly approaching and then a 6 1/2 week world wide trip (Vietnam, Thailand, Holland, UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Hong Kong and then home to sunny Australia), I have finished planning what I will be painting and gaming next year.

First finish painting my Swedish army of Karl X: 90 foot (Renegade and Bicorne), 3 guns and 12 crew (Redoubt), 71 cavalry (39 Redoubt, 24 Bicorne and Renegade and 8 Essex Miniatures).

Second paint the rest of my Muscovite army: 150 foot (Old Glory), 2 guns and 8 crew (Old Glory), 60 Russian cavalry (20 Old Glory and 40 Essex Miniatures) and 36 German style cavalry (36 Renegade and Bicorne Miniatures).

Thirdly finish painting Polish Cavalry (24 Redoubt Miniatures) and 60 infantry (Old Glory). I will buy the rest of the army, made up of 4 x 12 TAG cavalry regiments next year (write to them and they will sell you a unit of 12 cavalry for 24.95 pounds post free and 24 infantry for 20 pounds).

Start my Ottomans: 190 foot (Old Glory), 5 command types including camel drummer (Redoubt), 48 heavy cavalry and 12 Delli Light cavalry (Redoubt Miniatures), the rest of the cavalry have already been painted for other armies (46 Tartars and 28 Arab light types). The only thing I need to buy for this army are 2 very very nice armoured wagons with light cannon and 3 crew by Redoubt Miniatures and a pack of High command (Old Glory).

NEW PERIOD using the fantastic free rules by Barry of The League of Augsburg fame 'UNDER THE LILLY BANNERS', Mulburian of course with a twist (GNW and Eastern armies of course).
I will at first concentrate on the Swedish and Russian armies, the infantry will be made up of Reiver Castings which are available from Old Glory and thus cheap with the 40% discount (I have 3 units each of Foundry to paint already) . The cavalry with some adaptians will be from Front Rank mounted on Elite Miniatures horses (Nathan gives these to me very very cheap). I plan to paint 11 units of infantry (15-18 figures each) and 10 units of cavalry (11-12 figures) and 5 guns and 20 crew for the Swedish army. The Russian will be made up of 18 units of infantry, 16 units of cavalry and 5 guns and 20 crew. I was going to paint some Austrians (cavalry and infantry from Front Rank and irregulars from Old Glory) but I think that I have enough on my plate already. I will be able to use all my Ottomans, Cossacks, Tartars, Polish and many of the Muscovite figures for the period as well.

If I have time I plan to either do some Sudan figures and Russian Civil War all using Old GLory and their great discount of course. The numbers planned for next year do look daunting but I have managed to paint around 400 cavalry and 400 infantry as well as painting and basing many buildings this year (whilst studying and working as many of us all do). Will post photos of Saturdays game ASAP. Cheers Scott

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Do TAG have a slow service, from order to delivery? The unit builder packs are a good deal. I am eagerly awaiting mu first pancerni from them.